Calvin Harris Back From Australia, Posts B-Sides

posted the following bulletin to fans on his MySpace (@calvinharris) on Monday (July 16):

Well, it’s a lovely sunny day here in Dumfries so I have taken it upon myself to upload some more songs… I’ve gone for the b-sides to the first 3 singles, see what you think, you might not have heard them before and it would be good to see if you like them or if you maybe hate them.

Also, I got back from my promotional (drinking) week in Australia this morning, it was good fun, shame about all the interviews, they kind of ruined a nice holiday. ahahahahaha. Not really.

Gutted I never got to hug a koala bear though. :(

However, to make up for it, I bought a FU**ING GIANT wombat at a tourist-y place.

And……that’s it really.


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