Calvin Harris Blasts McFly For ‘Extorting Money’ From Kids

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (October 13) after performing The Big Gig at M.E.N. Arena in Manchester, England, not happy with the on-stage antics of for being “fully sucked into corporate $-land”. He writes, “It started with our hero Tom asking if ‘anybody has a mobile phone?’ Well blatantly, everyone does… He then went on to explain that they were going to play their new single, and film them AND the crowd whilst they perform it, and if you text 827632 (or whatever) you can download it on to your phone and show all your friends! Amazing! Oh and it only costs £1! Incredible! (plus data charges of course) His robotic delivery of these facts was also extraordinary. There were 30,000 girl guides there over two shows, can’t help but think they did quite well out of it. It reminded me of one of those loans adverts with Carol Vorderman or something. Maybe I’m being naive, but apparently blatantly extorting money from people as young as 10 is ok nowadays, as long as you’re in a band, that’s cool. What a shower of wankers, seriously.”

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One thought on “Calvin Harris Blasts McFly For ‘Extorting Money’ From Kids

  1. anon says:

    i am a HUGE McFly fan, probably one of the biggest you’ll find, but I have to agree with whats been said here.

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