Calvin Harris ‘Flashback’ Video Behind The Scenes

Calvin Harris behind the scenes during his 'Flashback' music video shoot posted footage on the set on the ‘Flashback’ video shoot in Ibiza, where the singer talked about Ayah – the girl who stars in the video and sings the hook, and the director Vincent Haycock. Ayah also offers commentary.

“We’re here in Ibiza shooting the video for my next single which is ‘Flashback’,” Calvin said. “It’s got a lovely girl called Ayah, who is around somewhere. She’s probably in the video more than me. Hopefully anyway. She’s much more facially attractive than I am.”

Harris said of Haycock, “He’s a lovely chap. He wears a hat. I find a man’s hat is often what draws me to the character of a person.”

As for the filming process, he said, “It’s good with this video because it’s done a lot from a point of view, which means a man in a camera hat, which would be what I see. It means someone completely different from this camera and I can go and eat sweeties and crisps and sit down, which is amazing.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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