Calvin Harris Fumes Over Hotel Internet Fees & Retirement Speculation

went on a Twitter rant moments ago while in Australia, complaining about the hotel’s internet connection fees and dismissing any talk that he may be retiring from the music biz. The British artist tells followers (@calvinharris):

$27.50 a day internet in this hotel, you dirty bastards I’ll get you back tomorrow at the breakfast buffet, this isn’t over

I’m not even talking about eating all the food. Just putting it away. Any means necessary. Watch me. Watch the eggs disappear.

I’m in the home of the Ugg. There’s an Ugg store right by here. I’ll buy countless pairs and fill them with beans and sausages, all of them

This isn’t about me making a profit, it’s about them making a LOSS. I’m so excited I’m never going to get any sleep tonight

I’m not going to WEAR them you daft bastard pay attention RT @jr27m No offense, but a man in UGG Boots, is a fail of EPIC proportions…

Fu**ing disgusting, hang your head. Ashamed to be followed by you RT @JT6109 just teabag all the food!!

Only messing guys. I love you all.. I wouldn’t be in this hotel if it were not for you, I’d be down the road at Holiday Inn getting good value

I’m not hostile at all, we’re having a laugh!? RT @TheQueerGuy Pissing myself that @calvinharris is so hostile towards his followers.

Listen – people keep messaging me on here saying I’m retiring. Where the fu** did you get that from? I’m not fu**ing Duffy I love music

Who would retire from music on a whim? Ridiculous. Plus, have you seen me recently? I look fu**ing fantastic. Prime of my life. Outstanding

And I’m singing on the second single. And I sound bloody brilliant. Fu**ing superb in fact. Superb.

aaahahahhahaaaaaahaha sorry

Are you kidding me?! Fu**ing loads of Autotune big man! A LOT. of tuning RT @_getstokedonit and no Auto-tune in sight I hope!? haha

I love you all. Let’s all be friends – if you see me, say hi, let’s hug, I’ll play you some new songs if you want off my laptop – it’ll be nice

Because I value my life RT @MauroJ1 how about you sing a capella at one of your performances? (no Autotune, no instrumental)

Ok I really must get to bed now…just lost about 100 fair weather followers but it was worth it…those that remain…I love you!!! xxx

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