Calvin Harris Fuming Over London Gig’s Technical Snafus

singer Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris posted a bulletin for his MySpace friends (@calvinharris) on Sunday ( 9). He writes:

Just did that Trafalgar Square gig, feeling like a chump

What’s the point of having a support act if nobody can actually hear you out front? Fu**ing shocking. Reminded me of when we supported Faithless. I’ve never understood why there has to be some kind of hierarchy with these things, everyone’s there to have a good time and dance to some music, why bother asking us to play if you’re gonna treat us like idiots?

This is nothing against the Chemical Brothers, I love them and they are fu**ing amazing, but I would absolutely love to set the organizers on fire. And Erol Alkan ended up not being able to play because the organizers FORGOT HE NEEDED DECKS as he is a DJ. Fu**ing tools.

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