Cameron And Justin: The New Demi And Ashton?

Fox News entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy weighed in on reports that star and Cameron Diaz are dating. He writes, “Like so many things in our society, it all goes back to Cher. Remember when the diva turned back time a few years ago with Brooklyn bagel boy Rob Camilletti? That seemed to start the new revolution. Hey, why not? Maybe Phyllis Diller is at home fantasizing about some young star.” Read more.

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6 thoughts on “Cameron And Justin: The New Demi And Ashton?

  1. Misty83 says:

    Oh Cameron and Demi, please stop molesting these little boys to make yourselves feel young again.

  2. babet says:

    man…… all this media on couples is annoying. Ben and Jen, Demi and Ashton, Justin and Cameron, Jessica and Nick…… F**K!!!! I’m very irritated. everywhere I go I’m hearing about someone’s break up or who had a fling with who, or she kissed this guy, or someone had sex….blah blah blah. these people are gonna suffer from media overexposure. and pretty soon its gonna piss people off. dammit Justin just break up with her and do something new instead of hooking up with some girl!!!!!! love you Justin!! you deserve more!

  3. Stallion says:

    Why not just talk about the music?

    Is it really that hard to find articles about the music?

  4. Dominicano1197 says:

    I agree with babet. I am extremely annoyed by all the talk about the couples. If they’re *****ing,let them ***** in private already!

  5. BringMeToLifee says:

    Ashton & Cameron deserve so much better. I think Cameron should hook up with some talented and a total spunk like Ashton leaving poor homeless bum Justin. Then Justin, should hook up with the skeleton Demi. Wow! It matches. Misty83 LMAO! That was funny!

  6. prettyblue says:

    Demi and Cameron why you choosing those younger men? You too are ugly *****es!!! I hope Britney and Justin get back together and I hope Ashton and Brittany get back together too!

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