Can Britney Spears Outpace Sales On Previous Efforts?

Ken Barnes of USA Today spoke with readers in an online chat on Tuesday, and was asked about and the sales hopes for her new album ‘In The Zone’. Barnes said, “I haven’t gotten it yet, but I will predict that it will not come close to the sales of her first two, which were up around 10 million apiece if I recall. With the relentless publicity assault surrounding this album, it may have a shot at exceeding the last album’s 4 million total.” He later added, “I tend to be a little more tolerant of Britney than most of our critics, but the first single [‘Me Against The Music’] is truly annoying, so my hopes aren’t high.” Read more.

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11 thoughts on “Can Britney Spears Outpace Sales On Previous Efforts?

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Yeah, I agree that MATM wasn’t the best first single. But it could have bee worse, that’s for sure. I predict 5 million for this album. That seems about right.

    Oh yeah, and I find it amazing that rather than talking about how she is exceeding predictions with her first week sales, they talk about how she can’t live up to her previous records. Its amazing how negative the media is when it comes to Britney.

  2. vtg says:

    I bought the CD today and it is the first Britney CD I own so I don’t have much to compare it too. Judging by her earlier music on radio (with the exception of Slave), it was too teenybopper for my taste. I love the first single and a couple of other tracks that have leaked to the radio and although she does not have an amazing voice, she is without a doubt an entertainer and the music on this CD is very vibey and trancey as she had eluded to during the promotional rounds. I give it a 9 out of 10 :)

  3. venus18 says:

    This isn’t a diss to Britney, but I doubt it will. There has barely been any “impressive” selling CDs for about two or three years. I think it might reach the sales of “Britney”.

  4. myhead says:

    I truly don’t see the media being negative. I see opinions which runs both ways. Many others would die for the publicity that Britney have although it is bordering on being over-publicized (Like Ben & Jennifer)

  5. tinkerbell86 says:

    I’m not a fan of Britney Spears, but my friend is and I listened to some of her CD..she doesn’t have strong vocal talents, but I’ll give credit where credit is do and its has some good tracks for what its worth.

  6. B0rntoplay says:

    We all know her voice isn’t like Whitney’s. But IT suits her voice very well

  7. rangergirl says:

    ^^She was able to buy some interesting producers.

    BUT I agree with you her vocal is very weak and was hyped up special (i.e autotune) in the studios. I guess since she was singing pretty much throughout childhood maybe she thought her voice would at least stay the same -maybe even grow stronger. BUT it is apparant that the latter has not happened & she is basically selling her sex appeal. This CD might be her last hoorah in the music business. She will be a celebrity for awhile but musically hmmmm, I don’t think she has the staying power. Well, at least, thanks to fans?? she should have money. Maybe she’ll try her hand at acting again-she didn’t do that well her first time round.

  8. amusicfanofsoul says:

    I think she will…since people were anticipating for this album to be released. if she does a good “live” performance and steady promotion…not overly promotion (like now)…then she will hit the dot.

  9. rangergirl says:

    BJ Spears & her business people have made enough $$$ to try to keep the Britney machine rolling. It is ALL about selling product & nothing else. If this girl could move as much product by keeping her clothes on and being less gay and minority friendly—She Would do that . Unfortunately, vocally she just does not have it. As a celebrity she has $$$ & people will still be curious about who she is dating, new “projects ,etc. But that’s it and nothing more. She expressed an interest in having kids-she will probably do that.

  10. B0rntoplay says:

    How is her being gay and minority friendly a bad thing? You are crazy, and clearly stupid, so we can stop talking now

  11. myhead says:

    I think I’ll have to skip this one. I did get to hear it. It sounds like any person could have sung on the tracks she bought. Also, it didn’t make me reflective or want to dance. It just didn’t work for me. Maybe her next one but this one just seemed to manufactured

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