Can Britney Spears Perform In China

CNN’s ‘American Morning’ discussed ’ possible tour of China during their 90-Second Pop segment. Read on to check out a transcript of anchor Heidi Collins’ chat with KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Ruben, Andy Borowitz of, and New York magazine contributing editor Sarah Bernard.

COLLINS: It’s time now for our fast-moving “90-Second Pop” segment.
On tap today, that woman, Britney Spears. Can she perform in China, with
clothing or without? We’re not so sure. The softer side of Siegfried and
Roy as well, talking about their jungle cats. And everybody’s favorite
wizard casting a whole new batch of spells starting on Friday.

Our panel of all-stars today, Andy Borowitz of, “New
York” magazine contributing editor Sarah Bernard, and Sam Ruben, entertainment
reporter from KTLA.

Thanks from coming all the way in from California today…

SAM RUBEN, KTLA: Sure. COLLINS: … to talk about Britney to start off
with. We were talking about this a little bit yesterday with Jack. And
she’s going to China, some issues about her wardrobe or lack thereof. What’s
going to happen here?

SARAH BERNARD, “NEW YORK” MAGAZINE: Well, I think they’re a little worried
that she may pull a -type stunt.


BERNARD: I know, can you believe it? But the thing is, I mean, asking
Britney to perform without her revealing clothing, it’s like asking the
Rolling Stones to perform without their guitars. I mean, her cleavage is
her instrument.

COLLINS: I don’t know. Really?

BERNARD: It’s what she does. It would be so silly…

RUBEN: It would be like asking Britney to actually sing live. So…

BERNARD: Sing, yes.

COLLINS: Thank you, Sam.

BERNARD: Have they heard her sing? Because that’s not people go to see


BERNARD: The music is actually typed in anyway, so it would be ridiculous.

BOROWITZ: I think the Chinese take on Britney Spears’ breasts, if you
will, it’s so consistent with their view of like North Korea’s nuclear
weapons. As long as they remain in their silos, it’s OK. That’s their view.
That’s their view.

BERNARD: But, you know, performed there last year. So,
I don’t see what they’re really worried about.


BERNARD: If Mariah can make it, Britney can make it. I’m confident.

RUBEN: But it really says something about Britney who has had terrible
trouble on the road. The reviews have been horrible. The show is not particularly
good. But you want to keep the road show going. And even though the ticket
price in China is not going to be what it’s been elsewhere.

COLLINS: Right. And at some point, if you’ve done all of these things,
you’ve done all of the dancing and you’ve had these incredible production
for your live performances, and you’ve done the quote — what do you do
next if you can’t sing? I don’t know.

RUBEN: You keep the show on the road as long as you can.

BERNARD: You get a lot of dancers.


RUBEN: Right.

COLLINS: Yes, more dancers maybe.

BERNARD: More dancers to stand in front of her.

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