Can Katharine McPhee Follow Carrie Underwood’s Footsteps?

Personally, I see that Katharine McPhee still hasn’t unleashed her best yet and has a very good chance of being the next ‘American Idol’. Do you think Katherine has the capacity & talent to follow the footsteps of Carrie Underwood (who was also an underdog then)? Here are some reasons why I think Katharine McPhee may be the first American Idol from the North:

1. I think Katharine has a 90% chance of being in the finals. Last week she was the 2nd highest voted idol & that was the week that Kellie still vied for her votes. Now that Kellie is gone (& most of her votes will likely go Kath’s way) I think Katharine may have the biggest votes by next week. But I know this still depends upon her performance.

2. Carrie Underwood was always in the shadow of the perennial favorite Bo Bice. Up until the finals Bo was considered a run-away winner. But Carrie gave a remarkable rendition of her last song ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ & literally shifted the title in the very last second. If Katharine does that Come From Behind thing then Chris maybe caught of guard & Katherine may walk away with the title at the last second.

3. I honestly think the producers are going for “Female Idols” these past years knowing that Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Breakaway’ would soon be 6X platinum & Carrie Underwood’s ‘Some Hearts’ is now 3X platinum. With all respect to Clay, Ruben & Bo I think producers are more interested on the earning potential now & history has shown that “Female Idols” are more lucrative artists than their male counterparts.

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