Candice Hillebrand’s Maxim Shoot

Maxim Online is featuring footage from South African singer/songwriter Candice Hillebrand’s photo shoot for the mag. Watch it via YouTube below.

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2 thoughts on “Candice Hillebrand’s Maxim Shoot

  1. Isa_Fuie says:

    OMG She is so beautiful/gorgeous/stunning/mesmerizing/whatever… No word in any language can begin to describe just how ‘PHWOAR’ she is. Anyways, she’s going to be Nina Williams in the Tekken movie? Good luck with that, because it’s going to be bad. She’s going to get noticed but not for her acting skills, first of all because she’s not seen as a professional actress as she’s no C. Diaz, Julia Roberts, or Uma Thurman, but more importantly it’s an other-medium-to-film adaptation (in this case Tekken is a game), which as we all know will be naturally horrendous, especially for gaming fan boys like me. Anyway, go Candice Hillebrand!! Whoot whoot!!!

  2. ayoub says:

    I love Candice Hillebrand

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