Carey Fans In Anti-Madonna Campaign?

USA Today music writer Ken Barnes took part in an online chat on Tuesday (August 2) with readers, and was asked about a message making the rounds alleging that Mariah Carey fans ganging up to help make Madonna’s new album a flop by calling radio stations and saying the new single is bad (Though many suspect that the stunt was started by enemies of Carey, purposely making the singer and her fans look bad by spreading the phony message). “Interesting concept. Is supposed to be such a threat to Mariah that her album must be discredited in order to keep Mariah on the airwaves,” Barnes asked. “Loony tunes. Hardly the same audience, anyway, not much in common outside of their gender. Can’t imagine anything like this, even if it gets going, will have any discernible effect.”

The entire chat transcript at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Carey Fans In Anti-Madonna Campaign?

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    That’s funny we have a couple of those people on this very site, and its pathetic… I agree with with Ken. It wont matter though… if its a good album it will be played.

  2. AFStud501 says:

    This is so stupid. No REAL Mariah fans are trying to pull an immature stunt like this. This is most likely the case: “(Though many suspect that the stunt was started by enemies of Carey, purposely making the singer and her fans look bad by spreading the phony message)”

  3. mariahbeatsthebeatles says:

    Actually, I’m the one who started this group. It is NOT ONLY for Mariah Carey fans, but also fans of other artist as well. People have been calling my group “desperate’ but they are just blinded by Madge’s slutty, childish antics that are corrupting children and pop music. I am not worried about Mariah’s status since she is the biggest female pop icon of all time. Even if madonna’s album doesn’t flop, it won’t be nearly as successful as “The Emancipation of Mimi” which is the greatest album of this generation. By the way, we have over 70 members. To become a member, please email

  4. AFStud501 says:

    You are a disgrace. MC would never approve of you antics!

  5. divinah says:

    MC fans shouldn’t stoop that low. Even if they do nothing, everyone knows that there’s NO chance Madonna could top MC’s 16 (and counting #1’s). Campaign or no campaign, Madonna’s CD will definitely flop.

  6. Kizzardkid says:

    If that’s true… that sucks because it makes the rest of the mariah fans look bad… And I agree with AFSTUD… Mariah would not approve of that.

  7. Vanity87 says:

    That makes other Mariah fans look bad! I don’t understand the competition between Mariah fans & Madonna fans. They’re both great iconic artists & I like them both so this whole feud is stupid.

  8. Clara106 says:

    if that is true then it definitely makes those mariah fans look bad. I mean, most of the “madonns vs. mariah” news have been discredited many times. even by Madonna herself. to go that far on untrue rumors is a little far fetched to me, even for mariah fans.

  9. KAustin says:

    I was just in Hard Rock Cafe today, they put out new menu’s, that clearly state :’, ‘Madonna is the top selling female recording artist ever, so now Billboard says it, Genisis says it and the list is ever growing, Madonna has nothing to be concerned with.

  10. EdwardAlex says:

    People like mariahbeatsthebeatles that seriously have a few screws loose (to say the least). The insecurities of people like this are just pathetic… and its obvious that they have no life. To be honest I have great repect and admiration for Mariah and I am so happy for all of her success and I like (for the most part, other then mariahbeatsthebeatles and divinah) the mariah fans on this site. Also I don’t get the big deal with the two singers… the only thing that they have in common is that they are 2 of the biggest selling singers in the history of music. Other then that… not too much… their music is way different… and they are both different and great in their own ways. So my words of wisdom for you Madonna and Mariah fans out there… ignore the petty sh*t that this pathetic loser is trying to pull. I dishonor it completely and you should too.

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