Carli Talks Britney Movie in Premiere

Premiere’s October issue has an in depth profile of Britney Spears’ upcoming movie, tentatively titled What Friends Are For, which is due out early 2002.

The film’s producer, Ann Carli, says there was pressure to make the movie more sexual had the film not been an independent project, “I would have been dealing with 20 sets of notes from studio people going, ‘It’s Britney Spears, so we need more sex…’ This way, the movie is not diluted by notes from people who are peripherally involved and thinking about marketing concerns.”

Carli says Britney’s boss at Jive, Clive Calder was pleased with the day of filming he saw during the project as Carli revealed Clive “Never made a comment, never said a work, except, ‘let me know when it’s done.'” Carli says Calder Ok’d the movie was to give Britney “the chance to take her career to the next level. That’s pretty awesome.”

Adults may not enjoy the movie though, as Carli admits, “To me, I was making a movie for 13 year olds” that completely worship Britney in a way “you can only feel when you’re 13 or 14.”

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