Carlos Santana Lauds Nelly Furtado

Jim Abbott of The Orlando Sentinel spoke with Carlos Santana on spiritual essence, rather than technical ability, that draws him towards a singer like Nelly Furtado. Santana said, “She does a lot with what she has. Some people have a four-octave range, like Mariah (Carey) and Whitney (Houston). I don’t think she has that, but she knows how to captivate an audience in a different way. It’s called innocence, and there’s nothing more glorious or sensuous. If you can touch your own innocence and spirit, you’re going to touch everybody.”

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One thought on “Carlos Santana Lauds Nelly Furtado

  1. opl says:

    I so agree Nelly has something about her voice and tone that totally captivates you. I love her music and Santanas as well.

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