Carlton Blows Off Angry Fan For 3EB Boyfriend

A former fan of sounded off on her official message board following the show in Hershey, PA where Vanessa performed along with Third Eye Blind and The Goo Goo Dolls. Apparently SMCSLANG had troubles getting any photos of 3EB, and later Vanessa Carlton, who were hanging out in the same tour bus.

SMCSLANG writes, “Stephen was walking back onto the bus and I said ‘Stephen, can Vanessa come out real quick and take a pic with us?’ and he said ‘No man, no she can’t’ and that was it. So it appears to me that she’d rather get high and make out and do whatever with her boyfriend than to meet and quickly greet the people who put her where she is. Very classy Vanessa, very classy.”

After getting a bit beat up by other posters, he added, “You can tell me that them dating is a rumor, all you want, but I saw the simple fact that they were on the same bus and he reeked of pot. Sure, they’re doing their thing, and that’s fine. But don’t put her on a pedestal if she chooses to get high with her boyfriend instead of meeting a couple of fans.”

Of course it should be noted in all of his posts that Vanessa never directly said she didn’t want to meet the fan, just a security guard and Stephan Jenkins.

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4 thoughts on “Carlton Blows Off Angry Fan For 3EB Boyfriend

  1. prettybaby0202 says:

    god, i knew you idiots would pick this up. damn, people aren’t perfect ya know, and this person was screwing around with the message board, ya know, y’all are low, for telling the whole friggin world about this, now Vanessa is gonna have to clear it all up in her next post, geez you guys are so nice. (rolls eyes)

  2. Zeph says:

    This was real blown out of proportion. SMCSLANG seems a little too obsessed being upset over this. It is probably good that Vanessa never came near them. Loonies like SMCSLANG should be kept away from everyone.

  3. tookute2btrue says:

    Man people are not all perfect!!! People put too much pressure on celebs themselves they need a break too!

  4. dum_BLONDE says:

    Who cares if she smokes pot, she’s already too much of a loser anyway, let her do whatever the hell she wants. Although I still think it might be a little rude to disrespect the fans. I mean, if it weren’t for them she’d still be playing down her basement or something.

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