Carly Rae Jepsen Lives Vicariously Through ‘Call Me Maybe’

visited Radio Disney in Los Angeles, where the Canadian pop singer talked about knowing if ‘Call Me Maybe’ was destined to be a hit when she penned the song and what she thought it was about the track that had people gravitating towards it.

Asked if she knew ‘Call Me Maybe’ would be a hit when she wrote it, Carly said, “It’s hard to decide from all of the different songs that you write which one is gonna hit with people and they’re gonna really relate to, but I was happy it was ‘Call Me Maybe’.”

As for what she thinks it is about the track that people are grabbing onto, Carly said, “I don’t know. I’ve never actually been brave enough to give out my phone number before. This was my idea of living vicariously through the song and I decided if I was going to, this is how I would do it.”

The brief interview ends with Ernie playing the rap he did for ‘Call Me Maybe’. Watch it via YouTube below.

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