Carmelo Anthony Denies Romance With Christina Aguilera

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that on Monday’s Tony Kornheiser show, Mike Wilbon and Tony debated who was getting the better deal in the rumored relationship between the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony and singer . The Nuggets are the first-round playoff opponents of the Timberwolves. Tuesday’s USA Today wrote about Wilbon and Kornheiser gossiping and noted, there is no romantic link between Anthony and Aguilera. “I’ve never seen her,” said Anthony. “I don’t know how these things start up.” On Tuesday, Wilbon revealed his not-so-secret source: “First of all we got this out of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. We’re not in the ‘Page Six’ business.” Kornheiser tauntingly said: “He’s your boy. Is he lying?” Wilbon doesn’t think so.

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