Carson Says Mariah’s A ‘Lunatic’ To Take On Eminem

MTV’s Total Request Live today talked a bit about the Mariah Carey ‘Charmbracelet’ track ‘Clown’, which many are saying is a diss towards Eminem. John Norris reports Carey says this is in fact about any guy who talks a big game when, in fact, when you get beneath the tough outside, he is kind of a softy underneath. She says, no it is not necessarily about anyone. Carson said, “She’s a lunatic to take on Eminem. Keep it to yourself.” Norris added, “Not a good idea.”

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One thought on “Carson Says Mariah’s A ‘Lunatic’ To Take On Eminem

  1. Cassie Hicks says:

    I think Carson and John were wrong to tell Ms. Carey to keep things to herself, especially, when that idiot Eminem started slandering her to get what he wanted, so, Mr. Daly and Mr. Norris, don’t tell this poor lady what she needed to do. She needed to fight back if that loser kept becoming supercilious toward her.;(

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