Carson Says ‘Stripped’ Minus ‘Dirrty’ Makes Sense

explained to MTV’s Total Request Live why she named her new single ‘Dirrty’ with two R’s. “Having two R’s like grrr. Like when you say you want to go dirrty ’cause that’s how it is supposed to be kinda gritty and like the video, a little underground illegal stuff goin’ on. So, uhm it’s — just my way of makin’ it kind of personal and say it a bit differently if you want to go there.” After the comment, Carson Daly seemed to echo those thinking Aguilera misstepped with ‘Dirrty’, and that the album as a whole is excellent. “I heard her new album it is excellent,” he said. “You could take ‘Dirrty’ off the album and it makes sense. The rest of the album sounds — she’s still got those lungs and that voice. A song called ‘Beautiful’ like gigantic when everybody talked about ‘Stan’ from Eminem.

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