Casares Won’t Read Madonna Book

The New York Post talked to one of Madonna’s alleged lesbian lovers revealed in the new book by Andrew Morton, who doesn’t plan on reading the book. Ingrid Casares told the Post, “I would never read a book on Madonna! Why would I want to read a bunch of lies?”

Rosenberg Returns To Camp

November 7, 2001 – More like she never left, as the timing of her departure couldn’t have been worse with the two books “Madonna,” by Andrew Morton, and “Goddess,” by Barbara Victor. Liz admits, “I’m in a less emotional place now [than September 11]. I came to the conclusion that there was too much history between us. I love the girl. What can I say?”

Family To Attend ‘Harry Potter’ Premiere

November 2, 2001 – The Chicago Sun Times reports Madonna, daughter Lourdes and husband Guy Ritchie will be attending a celebrity packed premiere of the Harry Potter movie in London on Sunday. Security for the event will be extraordinary with round-the-clock sweeps by bomb-sniffing dogs in the Odeon Leister Square Cinema area.

Frankfurt Renames Streets For Pop Titans

November 1, 2001 – Katrillion reports the mayor of Frankfurt, Germany has temporarily renamed streets around the venue for the MTV Europe Awards on November 8. Bright-orange plastic signs bearing the names of stars including Britney Spears, U2, Janet Jackson, and Robbie Williams will remain on top of the city’s real street signs until November 10.

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