Cassette Kids Picking Which Songs Will Make Their Full-Length Debut

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@cassettekids) on Monday (March 23), talking about their recent gigs and progress on their full-length debut album. The Sydney, Australia pop act tell readers:

But there is also the recording side, so amidst the hectic nature of trying to promote the ‘We Are’ mini-album as best we can we have been writing brand spanking new stuff.

In fact we’ve been at it since about mid December 08 and we are now proud to say that out of the 24 tracks that we have written and are extremely proud of we will now be sitting down and going through the painstaking process of deciding which 11, 12, 13 tracks are THE ones.

We’ve written with some great people over the last little while, amongst them are Paul Mac and Mikey from Van She and we feel like we’ve learned a lot about the dynamic of writing and recording music and now we just can’t wait for the 1st May to roll around and we start tracking for what will be our debut full length album.

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