Streaming Radio Feature Added

You may have noticed the streaming audio section that is added on the right menu bar. Hopefully people will enjoy this convenient feature. If you know of other pop music stations that stream, send me some feedback and let me know their URL. Gets An Upgrade

The site has been upgraded to the latest release of PHP-Nuke 6.0 and I’ve also reworked the layout/theme. If you have your settings still on another theme, you may want to check out your account settings and check out the new one. I’ll leave the comments on for now, but if the server overloads again I’ll have to disable them and perhaps offer a forum instead.

Comments Disabled Due To Excessive Server Load

The server load that comments are putting on this server are unmanageable. I’ll try upgrading to the latest version of phpnuke soon to see if that improves it, but I likely will put in forums instead and just redirect comments to the forum. The comments posted were causing my server loads to spike above 50.00, and now with them off, they are at 0.32 currently… big difference obviously.

Old Article Comments Deleted

The article comments have been putting quite a load on the server for this site, so I deleted all but the past couple of months worth. Hopefully this will help the server from getting overloaded as it has been again. You can do your part by actually commenting on only the story — only once, avoiding arguments, avoiding propoganda, avoiding threats, etc. If that advice doesn’t work, I’ll have to disable comments.

Password Problems Revisited

Apparently that password encryption problem still had a few possible holes in it. If you tried changing your password within the last few months and weren’t able to log on again, it should now work — though you’ll have to reset your password one more time. Those that never changed their password in user.php within the last few months don’t have anything to worry about.

That White Screen Delay Loading The Page

You may notice that there is a white screen momentarily before the pages load on the site now. I’ve installed a new script that detects whether visitors have an ad-busting program installed. If they do, the page doesn’t load and they are requested to turn off the ad-busting program to visit the site. As many saw last week, this site crashed several times because there were so many visitors. Hopefully blocking people who are stealing server resources by not viewing ads, the only form of revenue for a content website, will help alleviate some of this problem. If you have a website and wish to block ad-blocking visitors, visit

More On Site Troubles

Well as if this site could handle even more traffic, Yahoo news now is linking to the Mariah Carey winning poll – since Associated Press has now picked it up. This may mean newspapers will run the story, more people curious come on here, and we’ll continue to crash. For now I’ve disabled poll comments, story comments, and changed the number of visible articles until things can become more manageable. Thanks for your patience.

What Is Wrong With This Website – Answer

Yes, I know that it has been impossible to get on this site lately. The last few days I’ve had trouble with my dedicated server, mostly that I’ve running it near capacity… So it didn’t help when this site was featured in the New York Post in today’s edition (that remove a pop star’s music from the face of the Earth poll), and likely some editions yesterday if the traffic spike, without any referring links, was any indication. Hopefully things will settle down after a few days and I can continue to run this server close to the breaking point, instead of over the breaking point.

Everything Is Faster Again

It looks like rebooting the server did wonders on the server that was really chugging the last few days. I’ve heard for someone that they’re still having trouble accessing the site using the AOL browser from last night when we were down for a few hours. There shouldn’t be any reason for this, but it is another good excuse not to use the AOL browser to surf the internet, just for content within AOL. Use Explorer instead as a separate application and support Microsoft’s monopoly.

Submitted News Items About Aguilera Won’t Be Posted

Unfortunately this site has been bombarded with phony Christina Aguilera news items the past few weeks – so from this point forward, no submitted news items about this artist will be published. It’s a waste of my time as much as it is a waste of yours.