Secret Nose Job For Pop Starlet

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which beautiful pop star’s good looks aren’t all natural? The US starlet underwent a secret nose job to enhance her already model-like looks.”

Celeb’s Boyfriend Enjoys Male Bonding

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which celeb’s boyfriend isn’t the clean-cut bore he’s made out to be? At one of the couple’s parties in London, a guest opened the bathroom door to find the quiet chap enjoying some male bonding with a famous bloke in the music biz.”

Music Personality Loses His Touch

A blind item in Billy Masters’ column hints, “Could it be that a certain music personality has lost his touch? So say people at that network who whisper that the talking head owes most of his advancement to giving head! But his increasing ego and age are making it look like last call – especially with that young‘uns following his example. Might be time to revisit his past and release some greatest hits.”

Pop Star Unwinds With Weed And Jack Daniel’s

A blind item in The Mirror states, “News just in: Which pop star likes to unwind after a gig with Jack Daniel’s and coke and a huge joint? The singer in question can’t stand cigarettes but is more than happy to indulge in the old herb.”

Boyband Heartthrob Dating Male Clothing Shop Owner

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which boyband heartthrob is secretly dating the male owner of a clothes shop? The singer in question, who has yet to come out of the closet, met his fella when he designed a suit for the star to wear at a pal’s wedding.”

Pop Diva Double-Dosing On Botox

A blind item in The People asks, “Which famous pop diva is upping her Botox regime to twice the recommended amount? It should be no more than twice a year but she’s having injections every three months. Friends are now saying that after the last dose the only facial expression this star could muster was a blink.”

Pop Star Welches On Flunkies On Drug Runs

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which colorful pop star is constantly sending her flunkies out to buy her class-A drugs? The problem is she refuses to pay them back but threatens them with the sack when they don’t comply with her wishes.”

Hunk Not Quite The Angel His Girlfriend Thinks

A blind item in The Sunday Mirror says, “This A-list American star is not the angel his girlfriend would like to think. The hunk got up to his bad boy tricks the minute he touched down on British soil. Fast forward 24 hours later, he was caught getting intimate with a stunning dancer in a dark corridor. Nice guy.”

Secret Behind Boyband’s Delayed Regrouping

A blind item in Billy Masters’ column at asks, “Could it be there’s a secret behind the long-delayed regrouping of that boy band? That’s the buzz from folks close to the mates who tell me that the impediment has been more personal rather than professional. While the blame has publicly been solo endeavors around the world, we hear that two of the boys are fighting over a third fella. Here’s the best part – although one of the songbirds tricked with the outsider, the other songstress is currently dating him! But that’s only the beginning. The two singing partners were already reeling from the damage of their own break up! And while both boys secretly hoped the other wouldn’t get another boyfriend, neither one was saying, ‘I want you back’ or ‘I don’t want you back.’ No matter what, all the time in the world ain’t gonna fix this one. Eh, that’s how love goes when you’re a celebrity.”