A.J.’s Mom On Warpath Against Bad Influences On Son

The Enquirer reports A.J. McLean’s mother has fired several backup musicians and crew members who have taken drugs with the Backstreet Boy.

Besides A.J. being relocated to Los Angeles away from his drug using friends in Orlando, the mother changed all of A.J.’s home and cell phone numbers.

A friend though says this may not be working as A.J. has been in contact with the negative influences and he’s planning on getting together with his drug using friends.

Will a move to Los Angeles and it’s well known celebrity drug scene be any better for A.J.? Time will tell.

Michael & Britney Performed I’m A Slave 4 U Duet?

News of the World’s Rav Singh reported on the Michael Jackson show saying, “Only the appearance of Britney Spears stopped the whole thing resembling a complete freak show.”

Rav reports Michael and Britney performed her new hit I’m A Slave 4 U together on stage… He must be mistaken though as all other reports have them singing “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

Janet Jackson When Learning Of Jacko Concert Guests

September 9, 2001 – The New York Post’s Mitchell Fink reports Michael Jackson went to Tavern on the Green to celebrate his concert around 1:30 Saturday morning. A stunned Sean Lennon tried to welcome Michael but he responded, “You never return my calls. I leave messages for you all the time and you never call back.” Janet wasn’t there, and apparently wasn’t impressed with Jacko’s list of performers.

Fans React To Michael… Including An *NSYNC Fan

September 8, 2001 – The New York Post talked to fans attending the Michael Jackson concert last night in New York, including Chris Kirkpatrick who said of he and his *NSYNC partners, “You’re going to see five fans on stage pretending to know what they’re doing.”

Mixed Reaction On Jacko Show, Brando Bashed

September 8, 2001 – The New York Post is profiling the Michael Jackson show last night that was marred by angry fans having to wait 3 1/2 hours for Jackson to perform and an odd appearance by Marlon Brando. Brando told a quizzical crowd, “Hundreds of children have been hacked to death in the minute I’ve looked at my watch. Hundreds more were beaten.” When the crowd then began buzzing after his comments, Brandy blasted, “Don’t chat! Think about what I’m saying. It could be you!” At that point the crowd booed demanding music.

Tania Strecker Claims Guy Romance While Madonna Prego

The New York Post is reporting British TV host Tania Strecker is claiming she dated Guy Ritchie 18 months ago, which would overlap the period he was going out with Madonna.

Strecker says, “I always knew I wasn’t as important to Guy as his career. He is great, but he needs a very strong woman to get through to him. But it’s not so much he’s Madonna’s match as she’s his.”

Madonna Sings & Runs In Vegas

September 5, 2001 – The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norm Clarke reports Madonna’s show in Vegas was just that, a show and then she immediately flew back to LA to be with Lourdes and Rocco.

Madonna missed the official nightclub parties she was scheduled to attend and she also didn’t meet the Bush twins after the show, as earlier reports had that she didn’t want them backstage because of her differences with the president’s anti-abortion stance.

Whitney ‘Hits The Wall’ – Appearance Stuns Audience

The Drudge Report has a photo of Whitney from last night’s show that demonstrates how frighteningly frail she’s become since she appeared on the Video Music Awards last year.

Whitney sang under 5 minutes and a top production source said during an intermission, “I don’t think we can use the footage.”

98 Degrees Taking Food Handouts

US Weekly reports the guys from 98 Degrees were spotted in a back stockroom eating a coconut and chocolate cake given to them by a young female fan in Garden City, New York at the Steve Madden shoe store.

The guys were grateful though, as they signed autographs for about 600 fans at the store.

Brian Littrell: A.J. Needs A Wife

The Globe is reporting comments from Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys after his bandmate’s battle with alcohol and depression. Brian thinks A.J. would have avoided rehab had he been married to a wife a good his, Leighanne Wallace.

Brian told the Globe, “The good thing about my wife and I is we can pack up, go home, and be away from everything. We’ve got stability. Some of the guys in the group don’t. I long for them to have what I have.”

Pink And Christina Aguilera Engage In Lesbian Kiss

The New York Post is reporting that Christina Aguilera and Pink engaged in a lesbian kiss during a game of spin the bottle at Pink’s 22nd birthday party in New York early Thursday morning.

A source told the Post, “Pink was naked from the waist up, wearing only body paint. She spun the bottle and it landed on Christina, and she leaned over and kissed Christina right on the lips.”

Christina didn’t stop there as she then pointed the bottle at her boyfriend Jorge afterwards engaging in a torrid French-kiss makeout session with her backup dancer boyfriend.

NY Daily News Source: Mariah In UCLA Medical Center Psych Wing

The New York Daily News’ cover story this morning was Mariah Carey’s relapse and sources telling them the singer has been admitted to the large psychiatric wing of the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood.

Carey had been spending the weekend at the exclusive Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

A source revealed to the Daily News Mariah “May have tried to go back to work too soon. She had been meeting with executives at Virgin Records, and apparently she simply wasn’t ready for that.”

The Sun: Britney Was “In Floods Of Tears” After HBO Threat

The Sun reports Britney was “in floods of tears” following word that she’d have to back out of her scheduled duet with Michael Jackson as lawyers for HBO threatened to sue Spears for millions if she made the appearance.

Michael also was very upset as an insider told the Sun, “He just wept into his phone. He was inconsolable.”

Also hurting Britney was the fact that boyfriend Justin Timberlake would appear with Jackson that night while she wouldn’t.

A pal told Dominic, “She so wanted to perform on stage with Michael but now the men in suits have said she can’t.”

More Mariah Mystery…. Where Is She?

Additional details, or lack thereof, from Cindy from the New York Post as they report the rep saying, “She is resting in an undisclosed location.” When pressed where that could be she said, “She could be in a hotel, on a boat, anywhere. She just needed some time to rest.”