Kian Egan Moans About Westlife Groupies

The Sun reports Westlife star Kian Egan is complaining about the band’s aggressive female fans. “They push their breasts in our faces,” Egan moaned. “It is so degrading. We feel like sex objects. They just wanna shag us.”

Will William Hung Succumb To Groupie Charms?

Us Weekly quotes ‘American Idol’ reject William Hung stating: “I don’t have to save myself for marriage. I’m just looking for the right person… I get attacked from groupies left and right!”

Britney Spears Embarrassing Moments

Contributed anonymously: reports that Britney Spears still remembers one of her most embarrassing moments, even though it happened at the very beginning of her monster music career. “When I first started out, and I first started giving interviews, I used to talk about how I had a crush on Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt – which was true at the time,” she recalls. “But then I would read all these stories in the magazines, and they made it sound like I was chasing Brad and Ben; one story even said I was trying to break up Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. They said all these hurtful things about me and my family. Then, when I actually met Ben Affleck, I was too embarrassed to even say anything. I learned a lesson about interviews, that’s for sure!”

John Mayer: Message Boards Are The Downfall Of ‘The Groupie’

John Mayer tells the Toronto Eye that the days of the “groupie” are over with. He explained, “Fifteen, 20 years ago, if you were offered a backstage pass you knew you were spending the night. Now when people are offered a backstage pass they think, ‘Maybe I can get a picture with him!’ There’s so much of a social stigma – and goddamn ’em for it – which prevents women from going balls-out.”

Even though he sounds upset about it, Mayer doesn’t sound like he’d partake at women who would throw themselves at him because of the internet. “It really all comes down to Internet message boards,” he explained. “The rapid transfer of information has killed fun for people on the road. I don’t want to have indiscriminate sex enough to justify reading some story on some Web site afterwards, where it’s seen as being as true as the New York Times.” Read more.

Justin Timberlake Groupies ‘Sickening’ To Christina Aguilera

Jeannette Walls of reports that Christina Aguilera has lashed out at female fans of *NSYNC star and current tourmate Justin Timberlake. “I’ve been out to clubs with Justin and I’ve seen some of the girls that have hung around him,” Aguilera explained. “They’re all over him, and it’s just so sickening to me.”

One’s A Better Singer, One’s A Better Dancer

June 18, 2003 – Darryl Morden of the Hollywood Reporter reviewed the Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Monday (June 16). Morden says the *NSYNC star’s “much-vaunted dancing was hardly the stuff of dazzle, while his voice, especially on the headset mic, was whiny and thin.” He adds that Aguilera “clearly has the stronger and more far-ranging voice but was also too often swathed in bloated arrangements, her own cadre of dancers and a load of costume changes.” The full story at has since been removed.

Download Justin Timberlake At The House Of Blues

June 17, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: has a clip of Justin performing his second single ‘Cry Me A River’ at Hollywood’s House of Blues Monday. You download the performance (on the right) here. The same page has the show’s review by Corey Moss of MTV News.

Justin & Christina Tour Has Always Been 45 Dates

June 17, 2003 – Contributed by ireallyknow: In the article titled ” Sales Trouble For ‘Stripped And Justified’ Tour” it says that the tour has been downsized from 60 dates. this is not true. There have always been only 45 dates and most are close to selling out. I don’t think Justin and Christina are in any trouble of failing. Justin had a show at The House of Blues in LA last night after his Staple Center performance…. it sold out in literally one minute.

*NSYNC Groupie Explodes

A reader heard from a pal about a rather crude story involving an *NSYNC groupie. The girl “passed out in the band’s hotel suite after too much exertion,” but that wasn’t the end of the story. “The boys left her to sleep it off while they went out drinking,” the writer explained. “She was so twatted that as well as vomiting, she also projectile-diarrhea splattered the entire hotel room, and then groggily tried to clean it up. When they returned they found her passed out and completely covered in her own excrement.” So what did the *NSYNC guys do? “The digital video camera came out, and the resulting scat-fest was watched on the tour bus by band and crew for days afterwards.”

Groupies Talk Backstreet Boys

Groupies are dishing out dirt on the Backstreet Boys at the message boards. ‘dont remember’ writes, “[Nick Carter] gets around ALOT and isnt very carful of who’s watching. Like he kissed me in public and didn’t mind people watching! He has always treated me with a lot of respect and is always very nice. The sex is just amazing! He’s got the most sexy body ever, but its like you can tell that he gets around cause he is so confident and knows exactly what he does! Yes, he’s a male slut, but at least he’s good at it!” Read more.

Groupie Nightmare For Robbie Williams

The Sunday People reports additional footage added to Robbie Williams’ documentary ‘Nobody Someday’, released on video tomorrow, will show the singer getting dissed by a German groupie. Following their one-night stand, she said his concert would be better if he talked to the audience. He told her: “Everytime I’ve been funny, the audience has just gone flat.” But the beauty told him: “You haven’t been funny.” That caused Robbie to tell her to get out.

Groupie Blasts Taylor Hanson “Shotgun Marriage”

Following the surprise wedding between Taylor Hanson and his girlfriend Natalie in Georgia, groupies are unleashing their claws on the situation that led the couple to the aisle. Yvette writes on the message boards, “Island Records got the release from the family that quoted Taylor as saying ‘The wedding was just as we envisioned it, we were surrounded by our families and friends.’ Anyone who knows Taylor knows that is the BIGGEST FRICKIN’ LIE ON EARTH! For one, MANY of Taylor’s close friends were NOT invited. Why not? NONE OF THEM CAN STAND NATALIE! Would you invite a lynch mob to your wedding?! Plus, do any of you really think Taylor’s ideal wedding was to be a shotgun style, with no announcement because he (possibly) knocked up a dirty bi*ch like Natalie who is ruthless and underhanded enough to go to his parents and announce her pregnancy before going to Taylor himself?!”

The thread at has since been removed.

Dave Grohl & Christina Aguilera Denials Questioned

Following a report on the message board that Krist Novoselic had shared his account of Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave Grohl (his former Nirvana bandmate) making Christina Aguilera do a beer bong at a show earlier this year, a Van Nuys area groupie (based on the IP) going by the handle ‘va va voom’ claimed, “I know for a fact that she has hung out with Dave because I saw it with my own eyes. If they got it on once everyone left and they were all alone, I don’t know! I think they did…” Her charges only got more shocking from there.