Groupie Tells All About Westlife’s Mark Feehily

18-year-old Swedish stunner Mersina Berqgvist tells News of the World she was disappointed with her night of passion with Westlife star Mark Feehily. Berqgvist revealed, “Mark was very selfish, he didn’t even start to get me excited before it was all over. We only made love in one position, and I have to say that he was finished in seconds.” She added, “He wasn’t the best-endowed lover I have encountered, but that wouldn’t have mattered if only he’d tried to pleasure me. I was very disappointed with him.”

Westlife Deny Sleeping With 14-16 Year Old Groupies

Westlife had a chat with Aftonbladet readers where one brave fan managed to ask what there opinion was on reports they had slept with 14-16 year-old girls during their concert visits in Sweden. The R. Kelly-esque question prompted the group to reply, “I never heard that gossip and it’s definitely 100 percent not true.” As for their opinion of Britney Spears, the guys said, “She’s a really nice girl.” Read more.

Groupie Lashes Out At Ricky Martin Query

A fan trolling for information on Ricky Martin in the message boards was scolded by an unnamed fan insisting they “Please go away NOW!” The groupie explained, “Okay, I’m assuming you’re new here and that you haven’t heard, because it’s one of the worst-kept secrets that Ricky Martin is gay! That means he has NO SEXUAL interest in females. About 80% of his fans are females, and most of the rest of his fans are gay men. Many of his fans are Catholic Hispanics and it’s a well-known fact that much of Catholic Hispanic culture is prejudiced against homosexuality because according to the Catholic religion, gay people are going to hell if they don’t repent for their ‘sinful behavior.'”

Ricky Martin Goes To Philly To Watch Jordan Kill Everyone

US Weekly spoke with celebs who took in the All-Star game last Sunday where Ricky Martin explained his flight to town saying, “I flew all the way here just to see [Michael Jordan] kill everyone else. Then I’m going home.” Meanwhile, his Latin ‘competition’ Enrique Iglesias performed for children at a All Star reading event, Read to Achieve, where he admitted, “I wish I would have read more growing up. I’m here to let kids know that.”

Bartender Blasts Carson Daly On Groupie Forum

Carson Daly was slammed by a bartender on the message board at Sunday. Cera wrote:

Anybody who thinks Carson is a total sweetheart has never seen him at a strip club. He came into the one where I work (I’m a bartender, not a stripper, btw) and the girls were excited, expecting big tips like they usually get when somebody famous comes in. Well, the tips weren’t big, but his ego sure as hell was. He was obnoxious and rude, touching the dancers (which is a strict no-no, very illegal) and getting all pissy when he was asked (very politely) not to. He hired one of the girls for a private dance, and told her flat out to suck his di**–which she wouldn’t do–and got very abusive and mean when she refused, basically calling her a whore. This was when he was engaged to Tara Reid, too. Thank God she saw the light before it was too late and dumped his bloated ass.

But I’m sure when the cameras are on, or when he’s at official functions he’s sweet as candy–he’s an entertainer, that’s kind of his job to pretend to be what the public wants him to be. But in real life–he’s a major tool.

Porn Star Kendra Jade Exposes The Truth About Boybands

Metal Sludge spoke with porn star Kendra Jade about her sexual history with boybands and while not naming names (she did call O-Town ‘sweet boys’), Kendra revealed, “Hmm, well I refuse to comment on this because my sex life would dry up real quick !!! I’ll just say boybands are worse than rock bands in every good way imaginable and rock bands WISH they had it like that.” As for her thoughts on the girls, Kendra said of Britney, “I am jealous of her abs.” For Christina, she said, “Lollipop head syndrome.”

Groupie Posts The Whole Scoop On O-Town poster ‘Kandi Kayne’ has posted her complete guide to “everything you need to know as far as O-Town and groupies.” Kandi says Dan and Jacob are both “committed to their girlfriends” so aren’t available. Kandi says Ashley is the pickiest, liking “petite, pretty girls, the high maintenance type.” She calls Trevor “a total slut” and “he seems to prefer white or biracial girls.” Finally, she wasn’t too impressed with Erik saying, “One friend of mine said he’s the smallest she’s ever had and a horrible lay.”

The message at has since been removed.