David LaChapelle Comments on Mariah Carey

The Village Voice’s Michael Musto reports he talked to famed photographer/director David LaChapelle about Mariah Carey where the ‘Loverboy’ director said of the troubled diva, “She really needs a rest. She needs to sleep and eat. I’ve gone crazy myself and had to be put away! Sometimes the best place to get a rest is a hospital.”

Samantha Mumba: “Black Kids In America Can’t Look To Britney”

Oasis411.com reports Irish singer Samantha Mumba made some interesting comments recently saying in an interview, “Black kids in America can’t look to Britney for how to do their hair and make-up or anything like that. It’s great for them to have someone to look up to for fashion and make-up tips because it is different.”

Mandy Moore Answers Critic on Dress, Not Writing Music

Mandy Moore challenged a poster who complained about how she dressed like a 20 year old and how she doesn’t write her own music. Mandy responded, “I am brave in my opinion. I have broken my own mold. I have made an album that no on expected from me and gone away from the stereotyped ‘bubblegum’ pop sound.”

Read on for the full comments.

I am not a saint and nor does anyone treat this forum as if I am. I admit it’s a bit silly, but come on…. I didn’t create this website. Please do a little research before you post. I have ventured into writing my own music (on the album #13) and there is more to come in the future. But to say that someone is not their own artist just because they don’t pen their own music is stupid: I love Faith Hill and she doesn’t write her own music. Does that make her any less credible? No. I am brave in my opinion. I have broken my own mold. I have made an album that no on expected from me and gone away from the stereotyped “bubblegum” pop sound. I travel with a 7 piece band and chosen not to have choreography present during my shows (leave it to those who like it and are good at it). But most of all I have been allowed and fought to be myself throughout the past 2 1/2 years. I am 17 and dress my age, which isn’t really a big deal… even though clothing is always a huge topic of convo. I think you may have others in mind when you say I dress like I am “20 something”. hehe…. it’s all good and you are entitled to your own opinion. So thanks for sharing it…..

Mandy Moore Comments on Cancelled Chats

Mandy Moore was criticized by a message board fan about cancelling her scheduled chat on MSN. Mandy was hurt by the comments saying, “I just don’t understand how you could respect and admire my efforts and than slam me for being inconsiderate and unkind in the same sentence?”

Read on for her full comments.

first of all Diana, sweetie, I read your whole post….. well, everyone’s post for that matter. I just don’t understand how you could respect and admire my efforts and than slam me for being inconsiderate and unkind in the same sentence?? I have to say, no offense, but your post REALLY hurt me. I am not saying this to have others posts and stick up for me, because as much as I appreciate it…. I am a big girl and can stand alone with my opinions. I am SO SORRY the chat was cancelled. I really have nothing to do with my schedule…. if I did, believe me some things would be on and others would be off. I am sitting around my house with nothing much to do right now, very depressed. There is nothing I want more than to chat with some of my friends and help lift our spirits right now!!! But on the other hand, I don’t think that this particular moment is the appropriate time to have a chat. But, I promise it will be rescheduled very soon….. and it will go on for real. But the thing that hurt/offended me the most is the fact that you are such a fan of the music (thank you by the way), yet you imply that I am inconsiderate and don’t care or even acknowledge the people who have brought and kept me here (YOU GUYS)!!! I am grateful for everything you guys have helped me accomplished and am always on here to thank you as soon as a I can (Ex: TRL). I don’t just care about my boyfriend and family…. for if I did, I don’t know if I would be here today. People can see through a personality like that. The reason I responded to this post is for the following: I don’t want you or anyone else whom might have the same opinions and feelings you have expressed upset with me for something that I know is untrue. YOUR support means a lot to me and PLEASE know that I would never undermine your efforts!!!!! You are right: without you and many others…. I would be NOTHING — I know this and live by it!! Please reconsider you pledge of support!!

ps: don’t say you can’t make friends….you seem very sweet and have a lot to offer. you can’t expect to be friends with those who don’t respect you. You will find those you feel comfy with in due time. Don’t stress sweetie…..

Mandy Moore’s Message Board Comments on Terrorist Acts

September 16, 2001 – Mandy Moore has been actively posting on her message boards the past several days as she’s been stuck in Los Angeles following the tragic terrorist attacks Tuesday that have brought air travel to chaos. Read on for her messages.

Mandy tells fans:

a quick note-
in this time of chaos in our country i send my thoughts, love, prayers, and condolences to everyone, especially those who have unfairly perished due to this tragedy. please be safe and know i am praying for you.

My dad works for American Airlines actually (one of the airlines involved with the tragedy). He was not working today, thankfully. I am just so shocked. We’ve had the TV on all day, and I just don’t know what to say. how could something like this happen to our country? How could other parts of the world celebrate our loss?? It’s all sooo puzzling.

As of right now, the European promo trip has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled, but I am not sure when. I am so sorry, but I am sure you understand.

I am going to try to donate some blood this weekend. it’s the scariest thing in the world to me (I am freaked over needles and shots), but anything I can do to help.

I wasn’t scheduled to be home for this long. I am in LA at the moment. My mom and I would love to be home in Orlando with my whole family right now, but I guess we are sorta stuck here for awhile. I know there are many families around the country that are waiting o be reunited…… this is just so depressing.

Westlife Album Details Revealed

News of the World reports Westlife’s new album, World Of Our Own will be released on November 12 with their first single, Queen Of My Heart released a week earlier.

Christina Aguilera And Family Issue Statement On Terrorist Acts

Christina Aguilera, her mother Shelly Kearns, and the entire Aguilera family issued a statement about the horrific events of Tuesday in the United States expressing their pain and sorrow over what happened.

Message from Christina’s Family

There are no words to describe how heartsick Christina and I and the rest of our family is over this nation-s tragedy. We would like to express our deepest support and sympathy for those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event. To those still looking, we are praying everyday for you all and hope beyond hope that you will be reunited with your loved ones. And for those wonderful men and women with the emergency crews who risk there lives daily to help, God bless you all. You make us so proud to be American.

It’s utterly impossible to express the pain and sorrow that we are feeling right now. To those who are suffering, please know that every day, every hour, our thoughts and our prayers are with you.

We all are grieving along with those who are in pain-We cry with those who are hurting-and we feel angry. We all feel so angry and helpless, and all of us have a furious desire to do something – anything – to help.

We also are praying that in our anger and determination, that we not sink to the level of those cowards that committed this atrocity by harming or abusing in any way those who are innocent. A large part of what makes this country so wonderful is that we have all come together from all parts of the world to form one great country. We can-t let our feelings of anger or helplessness cause us to target innocent people such as the loyal, law-abiding Americans in this country who may be of Arabic descent. They are Americans just as we are, and are just as proud of this country and are trying to mourn as well. There is a real enemy out there and that’s where our anger should be directed. All of us as Americans are of one family. We have to stand united as a family against those that would harm us, and not lower ourselves to harming each other.

God bless those who are suffering. God bless those who mourn. God bless our country and our leaders. We know that we will triumph over this, simply because our country is made of some of the most dedicated, wonderful, proud people in this world. We pull together in times of crises like no other. The world will see how strong we are. God will see us through.

God bless,

Shelly Kearns, Christina Aguilera,
and the entire Aguilera / Kearns family

J.Lo Donates $25,000 to Red Cross

The New York Daily News reports Jennifer Lopez is donating $25,000 from her concerts next week in Puerto Rico to the Red Cross. A friend told the paper, “She’s a New Yorker. She wouldn’t feel right performing unless she made some kind of contribution.”

Source: “J.Lo Must Have Complained”

September 11, 2001 – MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls is reporting that a music insider thinks Jennifer Lopez complained about the Triumph comment thus removing the offending remark from rebroadcasts. Says the source, “I can’t imagine MTV had a temporary attack of good taste, J. Lo must have complained.” MTV and Lopez’s people refused comment.

Jeannette Walls On The VMA Red Carpet

September 10, 2001 – Jeannette Walls column today has a pretty funny look at the efforts and troubles reporters have on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards. Apparently Access Hollywood is pretty stingy with working space at these type of events, and Jeannette was proud of herself for getting J.Lo to wave to her.

Lopez Schedule and Stress Cause Her to Lose It – Enquirer

September 9, 2001 – The Enquirer is reporting on a Mariah-like breakdown Jennifer Lopez had on the set of an NBC studio ahead of her special on the network in November. Lopez reportedly ‘lost it’ while on a cell phone following a series of calls. Lopez, according to a witness, told the person on the other end, “Will you please just listen to me!” Afterwards, Lopez broke down in tears and boyfriend Cris Judd followed her outside to comfort her. Apparently stress is getting to Lopez as she juggles her TV special, a wedding, and a full schedule of movies to shoot.

An insider said, “Cris is J. Lo’s biggest fan and supporter and even he desperately wants her to slow down. He is afraid that if she continues to work this hard, she could have a full-scale breakdown like Mariah.”

Bloody Justin Timberlake Surrounded By US Flag Imagery

A bloodied Justin Timberlake surrounded by images of the American flag on the cover of Arena magazine provide an eerie feeling following the terrorist attacks on the US on Tuesday. No word on if the mag got pulled following Tuesday’s tragedy.

Timberlake Infuriates Country Club

September 13, 2001 – The Star is reporting *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake was chased down by outraged golfers after he attempted to duck out of a autograph signing commitment after Knollwood Country Club let him play a round at their prestigious New York course.

Timberlake and his bodyguard’s Suburban was blocked by angry parent’s Jaguars and Benzes. After a show down between the Justin’s bodyguards and the country club’s members, police were called.

After the heated moment, Justin agreed to sign autographs for all the kids at the club before going to pick up Britney Spears to see a match at the US Open.

The country club’s assistant manager, Marie Gelardi told the tabloid, “Things got heated up. There were harsh words. But we were protecting him from himself. Those kids are the ones who pay for his lifestyle, and he doesn’t want his customers ticked off.”

Britney Cuts Promo Tour Stops Short

Britney Spears cancelled her promotional trips to the UK and Latin America releasing a statement to that effect citing the need to be back home with family following the terrorist attacks in the US Tuesday.

Atomic Kitten Were In New York During Attack

Members of Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon, were in New York filming a video from their new single when the terrorist attacks hit in New York City on Tuesday.

Posted on the band’s official site was the following statement:

We know many of you are worried about the Kittens who are in New York filming. The girls have been in touch to let everyone know they are okay. Atomic Kitten would like to assure all their fans that although they are currently in New York, they are far away from the devastating scenes in Lower Manhattan and are safe and well and hope to return to the UK as soon as possible.

While Atomic Kitten would like to thank all well-wishers for their concern, the girls’ hearts go out to all those families who have suffered loss in this tragedy. Thanks.