Rumors of Whitney Houston Overdose Death False

Whitney Houston’s spokesperson Nancy Seltzer denied rumors going around that the singer died from a drug overdose as she canceled her Monday Michael Jackson Tribute performance.

Said Seltzer, “Whitney Houston is fine. This is a rumor and it’s not true. She thanks everyone for their concern. She is fine and at home with her family.”

NSYNC Fan Club Updates On Group Being Safe

The *NSYNC fan club today sent out the following message:

Dear fans,
Our prayers are with you all, especially for the men, women and
children who live and work in NYC. We’re sure that many of you are in a state
of shock, as we are.

We have been getting thousands of e-mails from fans around the world
concerned that *NSYNC was in NYC at the time of the terrorist attack. We can confirm for you that none of the members of *NSYNC were in NYC. They are OK.

We were going to send out a happy e-mail update today that thanked you
all for your wonderful support for the Viewer’s Choice category at the MTV
video music awards recently held in NYC. All of that seems inconsequential
when compared to this terrible tragedy but we’d like to say it none the less.

*NSYNC thanks you for your support and for your concern about their
safety in the wake of today’s tragedy.

Best wishes,

NSYNC Tracking Higher In Album Sales

September 10, 2001 – It appears *NSYNC’s performance and 4 awards at the Video Music Awards for Pop are helping album sales this week as for the first time since the debut week, the band is set to rise up the charts for the week. With a lackluster week for album sales in general, *NSYNC looks set to have around 85,000 in album sales and is currently in the #12 position, up from #15 last week, according to System of A Down appears poised to take the #1 spot.

Patricia Neal On *NSYNC, “No, What Are They?”

September 10, 2001 –’s Roger Friedman talked to Academy Award winning actress Patricia Neal on the way to the Michael Jackson concert Friday where she had trouble getting past the press because of *NSYNC arriving when she did. The grandmother of 20-something Sophie Dahl, who’s dating the much older Mick Jagger, responded when asked if she’s heard of the group, “No, what are they?”

Enrique’s Hero Becomes Anthem For Terrorism Grief

Stations around the country have been playing a remix version of Enrique Iglesias’ new song Hero in dedication to the several heroes yesterday who lost their lives after evil terrorists attacked yesterday in the United States. It should be noted though that many stations aren’t playing music in respect of the situation.

Somber Spears Cancels Australian Promotions

Britney Spears arrived in Australia Wednesday morning and learned of the tragic terrorist acts in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania and has cancelled her planned press conference Thursday to promote her new album says is titled “Britney”. A distraught Britney was too upset to talk to the Australian press upon arriving, going straight to her waiting car and headed to the hotel instead.

In a press release Britney stated:

“Due to the terrible sequence of events and tragedies in the United States that have impacted us all, I do not feel it appropriate to hold a Press Conference here in Australia for the launch of my album. This pales in comparison to what we have just witnessed. My thoughts and condolences are with our fellow citizens who have lost their lives and with their friends and families. Words can?t describe how I feel right now. I will be continuing with my schedules here in Australia as planned but I?m sure all of you will understand the decision that has been taken under the current circumstances. I would like to dedicate my time here in Australia to all those who lost their lives in this tragedy and their families and friends who continue to suffer.”

Howie Dorough Hits Boston Children’s Hospital To Talk Lupus

The Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough was in Boston on Sunday spending time at the Boston Children’s Hospital to talk to patients about Lupus.

Howie was also promoting a new alliance between the Caroline Dorough-Cochran Lupus Memorial Foundation he founded after his sister died from the disease, and Veritas Medicine, a Web site that provides information on clinical trials and treatment for lupus and more than 50 other diseases.

Howie told the Associated Press, “It just brings a good feeling to my heart to come back out here and visit these sometimes-sick patients and bring a little happiness to their lives.”

Wade Robson Talks Britney Tour talked to Wade Robson on the red carpet of the VMAs where he revealed Britney Spears tour will be theatrical, complicated, and massive.

Robson told MTV, “The show is gonna be really, really theatrical — it’s really complicated. It’s a massive show with a lot of new music. It’s just gonna be really different. … The stuff from the previous albums, we’ll remix it and take it in a new direction and flip it up a bit.”

Robson added, “The show is gonna be really about how she’s becoming a woman, how she’s finding herself and her independence. She knows what she wants to do, she knows who she wants to be.”

Cameras Follow Backstreet To Post VMA Concert

MTV ran a clip over the weekend with the Backstreet Boys travelling in their van to their gig in New York following their VMA presentation for Best Hiphop Video. They were upset at Jamie Foxx for his comments on AJ and Brian said he grabbed the bottle of apple cider.

It was a busy night for Kevin as he again was on another MTV special from the after parties following the awards late Thursday night.

Aguilera Breaks Silence On New Album

In a press conference following the Video Music Awards, Christina Aguilera told the reporters she’s wanting to create a more soulful sound on her upcoming album.

Christina admits, “I have to do something different.” Aguilera may be correct, as R&B influence is overtaking the teen pop craze that helped catapult her just a few years ago.

While no release date for the new Aguilera album has been set, the singer admits, “I’m really making sure that I take my time. It’s like therapy what I’m doing with this album…it will be very personal.”

All Star Lineup Set To Raise Funds For AIDS

A jam packed lineup of top pop stars will collaborate for a remake of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” to raise funds for AIDS victims in Africa.

Included on the lineup which was brought together by Bono of U2 will be Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Ja Rule.

The singers will record their vocals separately at a Manhattan Studio and the single will be released soon, organizers say.

Britney Drops Michael Jackson Gig, HBO Contract Cited

The New York Post reports Britney Spears has been forced to drop out of her planned Michael Jackson performance at the last minute citing HBOs requirement that she cannot appear on any other televised performance within a month of her “Britney Spears Live from the MGM Grand Las Vegas,” special which airs Nov. 18 on HBO.

Spears’ rep Ame Van Iden told the Post, “Britney did have to pull out – and she’s really upset about it.”

Britney originally thought the Jackson special would air before October 18th, but while no date has been set, it appears unlikely that date would be met according to a CBS spokesperson.

Michael Jackson Gets Lost On The Way To NASDAQ

August 31, 2001 – The New York Post is reporting Michael almost didn’t get to the NASDAQ market site to open trading on Thursday as he got lost in the adjoining Conde Nast building.

A witness told the Post, “He got lost and ended up in the messenger center, and then all these people started screaming, ‘It’s Michael Jackson!'”

After a crowd developed around him, Jackson reportedly took out an umbrella and threw it over a security camera and ran away “like a scared little bunny.”

Michael Jackson Opens Trading, Video Budget Balloons

August 30, 2001 – The New York Daily News is reporting Michael’s budget to film Thriller is running over $4 million according to a music insider, where he says the original budget was half of that figure.

Jackson also opened trading on the NASDAQ this morning, but it was no help to the battered market as the tech index is retesting its multi-year low.

The Daily News also reports Michael’s original pick to star in his video, Robert DeNiro, had no interest in the project as an insider revealed, “I don’t think he gave it a lot of thought.”

No doubt Brando’s appearance ballooned the budget as he usually commands multi-millions for any appearance on film.