Enrique Iglesias Chats On Thursday!

If you have AOL, you can catch an online chat with Enrique Iglesias on Thursday, December
6th at 5pm PT/8pm ET. Go to AOL keyword: LIVE at the time of the chat. You
must be an AOL subscriber in order to participate. Since I don’t have AOL, anyone having a transcript please submit it as news or post a link to a message board with the transcript. Thanks.

Michael Jackson Invicible Streamed + Chat

Michael Jackson will be holding an online chat on Yahoo! this Friday (October 26) at 7 pm EST and on the same day his new album, Invincible, will be streaming on his official site for 24 hours that day. For more info, check out michaeljackson.com.

Friedman Reviews New Jacko Album & Mariah News

October 19, 2001 – Roger Friedman of Foxnews.com got a hold of Michael Jackson’s new Invincible album and gave it rather mixed reviews, leaning towards negative. As with the Sun, Roger was disappointed at an album that could have been much better. Also, Friedman chimes in on Sony’s move to dilute Glitter sales with a greatest hits album release in December. The article at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Michael Jackson Finishes ‘What More Can I Give’

October 18, 2001 – Michael Jackson has completed work on his benefit single What More Can I Give which will feature a huge list of talent, albeit a list that would have been larger had many of the acts not dropped out.

Included in the list are:
Ricky Martin
Mariah Carey
Celine Dion
Tom Petty
Destiny’s Child’s Beyonce Knowles
The Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter
Aaron Carter
Luis Miguel
Ziggy Marley
Gloria Estefan
Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman

Jackson says “I have no other agenda other than to just see some of these families smile again.” Michael described the work saying, “A song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over. And we need peace, we need giving, we need love, we need unity. I want the whole world to sing this song.”