The Comeback Of A Lifetime

Contributed anonymously:

As a another month comes to a end, we are a month closer to the comeback of Britney Spears.

Britney has been looking better than she has in a long time. Her dancing has paid off as she has those abs backs as recent pictures show us. In simple, shes coming back.

After the whole rehab and shaving all her hair off, many people said that she would not make a comeback. she did her stint in rehab and has come out a better person. She has cleaned up her act and now the world is waiting.

Will she be able to make a comeback? Will her record be critically acclaimed or receive bad reviews? Will her record sell more than her previous effort ‘In The Zone’? These are the questions that will soon be answered. But if anything goes by the producers that are helping her… we are in for a killer record.

Everyone is waiting.. fans and haters.

Madonna Goes American Chic With New Album

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Pop Empress Madonna may be the world’s biggest musical Icon but her last two albums have charted un-Madonna like in her home country of America. Unlike the rest of the world, America has shunned one of their own over her political views and her vast support of the homosexual community. In the past few years not only has Madonna been banned by US programmers but petitions by many groups like the AFA have been circulating because of Madonna’s support over gay and minority rights. Madonna was the 1st major celebrity to openly support the push for equal rights for gays and lesbians; she has funded millions of her own dollars into AIDS/HIV charities since 1982. She has also taken heat for her support of the black and Hispanic communities over the years with videos like “Like A Prayer” which was a personal stance against racism. Madonna unlike most other artists has embraced minorities and other cultures in just about every aspect of her career through her videos, tours, and books even down to her hiring practices. In 2005 she returned to her dance roots with “Confessions On A Dance Floor” the album to date has spawned 4 global hit singles with only 1 reaching the American top 10 on Billboards Hot 100,to date the album has sold over 1.6 million copies in the US and around 12.5 million globally. The album also made the history books by holding the pole position in over 43 countries as did the lead off single “Hung Up” with around 40 countries.

In 2007 she is looking to reverse her sliding American fortunes by working with some of the industries top produces like Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell to give us a more American R&B sound and is rumored to be her most expensive album to date. One thing is for sure no one can count Madonna out since 1982 she has sold an astonishing 350 million albums and is the world’s most successful female vocalist of the entire rock era. Since 2000 she has had an amazing 8 #1 singles on the United World Chart, far more than any other artist period. She also held the #1 position on the global singles chart for a record 22 weeks straight with the first two singles from her latest album. Her recent tour made the record books by becoming the highest grossing tour ever for a female vocalist.

For the past 24 years Madonna has continued to justify our love like no one else can and if anyone can transcend a boycott by US radio programmers and global censorship it’s Madonna. So America if you’re listening your “Queen” the one you forsaken, is about to deliver up on to you what you have been begging her for… Americanized Madonna music. Now let’s hope the rest of the world continues to dance to her beat because she is taking a huge risk to satisfy Americans when 75% of her recent sales have been international.

Edelstein: Say It Ain’t So, Antonella!

Jeff Edelstein of the Trentonian offered a by the minute analysis of last night’s ‘American Idol’ as New Jersey’s own Antonella Barba learned her fate. Edelstein writes, “8:36: Nooooooo! Seacrest says, ‘Antonella, the journey ends for you tonight,’ and she immediately starts crying. Oh man. I wish she wouldn’t cry. It makes her human, and not a two-dimensional half-naked girl. This is very, very hard for me to deal with.”

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I Have A New Found Respect For Older Pop Artists

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I have always been the first one to admit I have made my fair share of disses on people such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera all the pop stars of the 90’s. Hell even Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson, whom I hated with a passion. While I still don’t like their music I seriously have a new found respect for all of them. Now days it makes me sick to see who the media is focusing on and who is getting all this attention. People like Lindsay Lohan who make 2 crappy movies that go unrecognized yet is so popular due to her partying and link to every man in Hollywood. Let’s be real for one moment we all know the only reason she even got parts in movies like “Mean Girls” was due to her constant media attention. They knew it would sell if she were in it. People like Nicole Richie who’s really only known for how skinny she is, let’s not forget Paris Hilton who is known for being easy…and apparently now racist.

At least people like Christina and Britney they WORKED to get where they are. Not only that but they weren’t getting publicity for partying and being Beverly Hills snobs. Of course Britney is now getting media coverage for her crazy behavior but this is way after her career exploded. She may not be a good singer, hell her songs may be pop crap but she flew to stardom due to her performances and songs. Not because she got drunk every night with Paris Hilton and slept with every man in the west coast.

It makes me ill to see what America is looking up to these days. These girls who do nothing with their lives but enter rehab before the age of 21 and are late to their jobs because of late night partying. How about stealing someone else’s boyfriend? Really great way to become famous. People now are being famous just for the sake of being famous. People like Lindsay Lohan have ruined their career before it even started due to her overexposure and horrible behavior. I do not get WHY these girls are even being broadcast? Who actually likes/respects these people?

I never ever thought I’d see the day where I am begging for Christina, Britney, Avril, Ashlee to come back and kick these girls out of the spotlight. They want nothing but drama and feud with each other to get it. When will this obsession with useless whores stop? I think it’s time people really do something to keep these bitches from even getting the attention they do NOT deserve.

Downfall Of The Pop Princesses

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Though we never thought it would happen, the current reigning pop princesses Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, and Jessica Simpson will soon see rock bottom as their careers are at an all-time low. This is proven by bad publicity, and large sales decreases. We will first discuss Britney Spears – a woman who had once been crowned Madonna’s successor, and nearly 80 million records sold around the world. After meeting, marrying, and divorcing K-Fed, Britney had committed career suicide. A comeback album is in the works for late 2007, but is the public willing to spend $15 on a cd, knowing of what she has done? Will parents turn their children away from her music? Only time will tell as she spends the month in rehabilitation trying to better herself for her family’s sake.

Kicking Britney Spears When She’s Down

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I am appalled that so many people are rejoicing and kicking her at a moment when she appears to be down and going through a difficult period in her life. I’m not just defending her because I am a devoted fan I am defending her as a human being. All of the a**holes out here judging her and making light of her situation and calling themselves benefiting off of her misery to get their shows higher ratings ought to be ashamed of themselves. Either we, someone in our family, or our friends have been through similar difficult situations in life before so why judge her in such an unsympathetic hypocritical way. Why would anyone get kicks out of someone else’s misery? If it was us or one of our loved ones it wouldn’t be so funny so why is it funny because it’s happening to her.

Bashing Britney Spears: The Face Of A Shameless Industry

In an editorial for ZNet, while Alexander Billet admitted she was “loath to defend the likes of Britney Spears… But this needs to be said: the coverage of Spears’ very public meltdown is disgraceful. It is depraved, sexist, and exploitative. And while it may go without saying that she has always represented the most shallow and shameless side of the entertainment business, this whole debacle has given us a chance to see how sinister and ruthless that business can be.”

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‘Blondes In Crisis’ Boost Cable News Ratings

Anthony Crupi of MediaWeek writes in his column on Thursday: “Between the death of Anna Nicole Smith and its aftermath, the revolving-door rehab regimen of Britney Spears and the pathological misadventures of a diaper-clad Astronut, [Fox News Channel] had viewers pouring in throughout the month, averaging 1.61 million in prime, an increase of 9 percent year-over-year. FNC also pumped up its take of the crucial A25-54 demo by 20 percent (413,000), while boasting nine of the top 10 cable news shows and 14 of the top 20.”

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Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Publicity Game

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Talent less, undeserving, moochers, publicity Whores or just a general waste of space. Cue Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline, the Idol rejects or winners, socialites and the endless list of instant Celebrities. Love it or hate it, we are submersed in a celebrity obsessed culture in which Andy Warhol pointed out, “we each have our own chance at our own fifteen minutes of celebrity fame”. Those fifteen minutes have never seemed so realistic in a day and age of advancing instant gratification. Pop yourself onto “You Tube” doing something outrageous and you’re a star, attracting millions of hits. Fame and recognition is an addicting drug and our society has paved an easy path for pretty much anyone to try it out. However outrageous or raunchy the act is, people will stop and gasp because lets face it boldness gets noticed. It’s the basic law of human nature. The fastest, loudest, brightest, pulls our attention inward. The biggest splash gets the most attention.

Take a look at supermodel Kate Moss. Her camera captured, cocaine antics of 2006 caused industry experts to gasp and quickly formulate a prediction. They forecast that Moss would hit rock bottom, and that designers would shun anyone who would promote such a tainted lifestyle. In 2006, Moss’ salary jumped from 7 million to 18 million a year and major endorsements deals supervened, including Nikon, Burberry and Calvin Klein.

Paris Hilton, the heiress to the throne of the Hilton family hotel chain is in fact the ultimate mover, shaker and player to the game of fame. In 2007 Guinness World Records cast Hilton as “the most overrated celebrity” yet Hilton is one of the strongest “brands” to exist in our culture today. Raw Talent? I hardly doubt. The main reason Hilton stays of the A list of the pack is sheer brilliance by her handlers. The exhibitionism, coy playful voice and endless slew of publicity stunts has created the Paris Hilton brand, in which “famous for being famous” has never been so profitable. From a business standpoint, Paris Hilton is golden and the worst part is that we are to blame for paying so much attention.

Who could forget Kevin Federline, America’s most hated notorious bad boy and Britney Spears Career Killer? Tabloids have had a field day profiting off the antics of Federline who seemed to ride on a bottomless pit of the pop princess’ cash. Popular culture finds a female breadwinner somewhat inconceivable but Federline’s popularity is in fact based purely on our absence of liberal thinking. Isn’t it common practice for rich men to have jobless companions whom they shower with gifts? Hugh Hefner has made a sport out of displaying not one, but three girlfriends who gallivant around the mansion with no financial woes whatsoever. Yet the media satirizes this thought and our culture jumps on the bandwagon, giving such matters more attention than the ponderous problems in the middle east. That’s not all we give. We give more zeros to the brimming bank accounts of people who haven’t exuded any hard work to deserve it.

The laws of business mirror life everyday. The market dictates the demand. The tabloids and entertainment shows are growing at a hypersonic rate because of the recognition and buzz given through web searches (Britney Spears and Paris Hilton dominated 2006), TV ratings and conversations with our pals. So don’t blame Paris, Kate, Kevin , Jessica Simpson or William Hung for their nonsensical list of stunts, because our celebrity obsessed culture has paved the way to a land that is ever so profitable.

Rabbi Boteach: Britney Spears, Think Of Your Kids

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote an open letter to Britney Spears in the Jerusalem Post on February 4th after noticing the singer had been spotted wearing a Star of David. “Once you become a parent, Britney, life gets really serious,” he writes. “We can all pretend that life is one big party devoid of responsibility. And rarely being home, or coming home drunk, or letting your kids see you in a degraded state, will permanently scar your kids.”

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