Fox411 Is All Mariah Today’s Roger Friedman today says he thinks the story in the NY Daily News yesterday that Mariah Carey is in danger of being dropped by Virgin is ‘laughable.’ Friedman says, “In the history of the record industry there has yet to be a case of a big-name star with a multi-million dollar contract who was ‘fired’ from their label because of poor sales.”

And for how Mariah got out of her record deal with Sony so easily, he hears that it was legal pressure from Carey after Jennifer Lopez ripped off the music loop from the Japanese group Yellow Magic Orchestra’s ‘Firecracker.’

The article at has since been removed.

E! Fashion Host Blasts Britney

E! fashion host Leon Hall of “Fashion Emergency” with Joan Rivers gave the New York Post his “Leon Hall of Shame,” where one of his victims was Britney Spears. Hall said Britney dressed like a “whore, a tart and a tramp.”

Battle Of The Divas Who Are Losing Their Minds is weighing in on Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s recent troubles and distinguishes the two by making a remark sure to anger Mariah fans saying, “While Whitney had been born into pop superstardom, Mariah had slept her way into it. This would become painfully apparent when Mariah married the man who discovered her, Tommy Mottola, the mobbed-up just-divorced president of Sony Records who was one hundred and seven years older than she was.” The full story has since been removed.

Mariah Falls Off The Radar After 9-11

The New York Daily News’ David Hinkley talked about how the problems of Mariah Carey seem insignificant after the tragedy on September 11. Hinkley says, “When ‘Glitter’ opened this weekend, hardly anyone even noticed that it was a bigger flop than Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign.”

Mariah’s Movie Awful And She’ll Perform Hero Friday

According to’s Roger Friedman, Mariah Carey will perform Hero at the all network telethon on Friday. Friedman also has new information on the same song which prompted a lawsuit by Chris Selletti.

As well, Friedman slices up Mariah’s new movie saying of the diva, “Indeed, Mariah is not much of an actress, even with all the coaching. Her face seems immutable, as if it were full of paralyzing forces that prevent her from showing emotion.”

Friedman’s full report at has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson’s Father Leaves Disrespectful Message

I was disappointed to read Jessica Simpson’s father Joe’s message talking about returning home where he seems to address the horrible terrorist attacks Tuesday as an afterthought to promoting his daughter.

In his message, Joe Simpson wrote:

Hey you guys!!! we are home…… i can’t tell you how good it is to be home for a moment. i have loved sleeping in my bed… i forgot how much i loved home.

Jessica is so happy to be sleeping at home. wow, she is just enjoying being a normal person. of course, this won’t last. we will be working again this weekend.

Thank you so much for praying for my mom. She is really having a tough time. She has never been sick. she has always been the one to take care of everyone else. This is really hard for me to watch. I don’t understand why things happen. We can only trust that God has a plan.

Of course, we can hardly believe what has happened in New York and Washington. I know that each of us will be changed forever. We can only pray!

Hopefully, Jessica will be making a video entry soon. Things have been a little crazy, but she still loves you guys…. she will be introducing her new video on the 20th… make sure you watch and vote it to the top…..

We are looking forward to the future. remember…. a little bit goes a long way!


Having a ‘of course’ blurb taking precedent over how happy Jessica is to be home and talking of voting a new video Jessica made to the top of TRL is difficult to stomach. Joe could learn well to separate promotion from condolences… the two don’t mix…. and yeah, that would include talking about his sick mother in the same message as well (and certainly I don’t fault him for updating readers on that, let me be clear). It would be best if Joe chose to wait at least until next week to try and shove commercialism down readers’ throats. Shame on you, Joe Simpson.

Are The VMAs Fixed And Predetermined?

Well after last night is it even worth asking? Look at the nominations list… and look at who showed up to perform and present. The similarities are amazing. I believe the only act that showed up that was on the nomination list and didn’t present an award and/or perform was Black Eyed Peas. No Aerosmith, no Eminem, no Lenny, no Madonna… you get the drift.

Immediate Reaction To Spears’ Single – Boring/Mixed

Following the leak of Britney’s I’m A Slave For You, many appear to be disappointed with the song… though some like the direction Britney is heading. On the message board, grandaddy says, “It’s… boring? Honestly i can see why Oops was so popular, because it was so catchy, but this?”

HotStuff113 adds, “hmm i don’t like is boring. i expected better.”

On the LiveDaily board Britina states, I’m disappointed. I don’t like this song at all. Her vocals are really bad…she doesn’t sound “mature””

Some appear to like the track though and do think the song is catchy, as PopFan states, “I like it BECAUSE it’s not catchy and typical POP fare. It’s nothing like OOPS or BABY which is a good thing you guys, it means she’s improving and progessing as an ARTIST.”

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