Photos Of The Britney Performance You May Never See On TV has 100 photos of Britney Spears performing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ at the Michael Jackson anniversary concert in New York. As we reported earlier, Britney’s performance cannot be broadcast because of contractual agreements with HBO, though there’s little doubt in my mind that CBS/MTV will release it as a video of some sort after the 30 day contractual period expires.

Mariah Carey Pictures From The ‘Glitter’ Screening

Mariah Carey hit the screening of ‘Glitter’ in Westwood, California last night sporting a blank top with the American flag across the front. The pop singer stars in the film which centers on the life and times of a struggling singer named Billie Frank from the early club music scene in the 1980s. Check out the photos here.

VMA & VMA Afterparty Photos has a huge selection of photos from the Video Music Awards and after parties that took place afterwards.

Despite earlier reports that Lance Bass of *NSYNC wouldn’t party after the VMAs because of the Aaliyah tragedy, he was photographed at the birthday party of Destiny’s Child Beyonce Knowles. Also on hand at the party were Nelly, Lil Kim, Michelle Williams, and Olympic hero Carl Lewis.

J. Lo’s party at Manray saw Jennifer pose with Sony labelmate Jessica Simpson and appearances by Christina Aguilera, Jorge Santos, Dream, Derek Jeter, Ja Rule, Molly Simms, and O-Town.

The MTV After Party at Hudson Hotel saw Billy Corgan, Johnny and Marky Ramone, Lisa Marie Presley, Nicolas Cage, Moby, and Sheryl Crow.