Teddy Geiger’s A Pop Phenom

Teddy Geiger looking serious

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com was full of praise for Teddy Geiger after checking out the 17-year-old on Friday night at Coda in Manhattan. Friedman writes, “Teddy, I am told by everyone connected to him, has been writing songs since he was 6. They are all original, nothing borrowed or sampled. He’s a phenom, a prodigy and money in the bank and Elliott Smith’s cute, younger, peppier brother.” Read more.

Is Lindsay Lohan ‘A Little More Personal’ Album A Flop?

Contributed anonymously:

I’m not the biggest fan of Lindsay Lohan but her latest album ‘A Little More Personal’ is not a bad listen, after the second listen it is enjoyable. People dis her voice but its unique but believe me her voice suits this album. ‘A Little More Personal’ is quite enjoyable. She doesn’t have the BEST voice in the music business but it’s unique and you would vote for her if she was on idols. This album is like a diary of Lindsay, taking us into her life and what it like to be Lindsay.

Kelly Clarkson’s Trump Card: Her Lungs

Manchester Evening News reviewed Kelly Clarkson’s concert at MEN Arena in Manchester on March 10th. They write, “She’s efficiently professional, all edges serrated, and connoting her authenticity by wearing a hideous pair of khaki pedal pushers. She emotes like her next record deal depends on it. Her trump card, however, is her fantastic set of lungs, which can elevate even the most pedestrian of material – and there’s a lot of it on show – into semi- anthemic territory.”

The full review at citylife.co.uk has since been removed.

Hilary Duff Is Still More Pop Than Rock

Joey Guerra of the Houston Chronicle reviewed Hilary Duff’s concert at Reliant Stadium on Thursday night (March 16) during RodeoHouston. Guerra writes, “Her attempts to mine a darker, more mature sound were admirable, but Duff isn’t yet a capable enough singer to do that. Her airy voice has none of the grit required to make it very convincing. Maybe in a few years.”

Grammys Give Mariah Carey A Slap In The Face

Sal Cinquemani of slant magazine weighed in on Wednesday night’s Grammy Awards, and a slight on Mariah Carey. “So what was up with Mariah’s three wins—Best Contemporary R&B Album, Best R&B Song, and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance—not being televised,” Cinquemani asked. “Sure, they’ve switched things up in recent years, keeping us on our toes for three-and-a-half hours by no longer presenting trophies to artists immediately following their live performances, but not letting Mariah accept an award on stage is a blatant slap in the face to the female artist with the most nominations this year and whose last CD was the biggest selling album of 2005.” Read more.

Ricky Martin’s ‘Hyper-Pop’ Stuck In ’90s

Laura Emerick of The Chicago Sun-Times reviewed Ricky Martin’s performance at the Chicago Theatre on Thursday (February 2). Emerick writes, “Maybe time and trends have moved on, but Martin’s still partying like it’s 1999. His state of the art staging at the Chicago Theatre offered elaborate video projections, lighting effects and nonstop action, especially by Martin, who twirled and whirled like a Tasmanian devil, executing cartwheels, splits, hand-stands, and even flamenco and capoeira flourishes. It was a dazzling display from a natural showman.”

The story at suntimes.com has since been removed.

Backstreet Boys Become Men

Cameron Adams of the Herald Sun was on hand for the Backstreet Boys concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday (February 2). Adams writes, “The boys never toured Australia at the height of their fame. However, their comeback (tellingly after a few solo careers tanked) has worked best in Australia, so they’ve finally made the trip.”

The story at HeraldSun.com.au has since been removed.

Hilary Duff Inspires Magic Moment From Young Fans

James Reaney of The London Free Press reviewed Hilary Duff’s concert at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario on Saturday night (January 21). Reaney writes, “There is a lot of commercialism around Duff, including the empowerment songs she makes such a convincing sound for. Hoodies at the merch booths were $60 and there were product pitches before her arrival. The glowsticks were still being sold well into the show. For all that, there was a lot to love about the poised teen Duff and the young energy and innocence of her fans.”

Hilary Duff Has The Stuff

Mike Ross of the Edmonton Sun reviewed Hilary Duff’s concert at Rexall Place on Wednesday night (January 11), giving the teen queen’s performance before 13,500 screaming, glowstick-waving fans 3 out of 5 Suns. Ross writes, “This 18-year-old girl gets paid every way she can. But she works hard for her money. Warts and wrinkles seen in Duff’s last concert here almost exactly a year ago seem to have been ironed out. Whether there was lip-synching or guide tracks or whatever smoke and mirrors they came up with, the presentation was almost flawless.”

Hilary Duff Brings Still Most Wanted Tour To Calgary

Joanna Kostanecki of TeenMusic.com attended the Hilary Duff concert at Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta on Monday (January 9). Kostanecki writes, “Although her voice proved that she doesn’t have the vocal range of Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera, at least she didn’t resort to lip-synching ala Ashlee Simpson or Britney Spears.” The full review has since been removed at TeenMusic.com.