Top KT Tunstall September Search Queries

Top searches for Yahoo’s pay-per search engine are in for the month of September, with the Scottish singer-songwriter receiving 142,213 searches for the month. Her most searched for song is ‘Suddenly I See’ with 1,644 queries, followed by ‘Eye To The Telescope’ with 661. Most searches are in reference to song lyrics, though a few were to research her sexual preference. The most common misspelling was KT Tunstal with 6,647 searches.

Top Willa Ford September Search Queries

Top searches for Willa Ford on Yahoo’s pay-per-search engine for the month of September are in, with the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ perhaps not ousted contestant receiving 145,276 searches for the month. Several queries related to the ABC hit show, though interest in her Playboy pictures is still dominant. One aspect not searched for now was her romance years back with star Nick Carter, a relationship that spawned several hate web sites from jealous Backstreet Boys fans. Now, only one of the top searches makes any reference to Carter. The most searched Willa song for the month was ‘I Wanna Be Bad’ with 799 queries. The most common misspelling was Wila Ford with 956 searches.

Top Paolo Nutini September Search Queries

Top searches for Scottish singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini on Yahoo’s pay-per-search engine are in for the month of September. The 19-year-old received 78,741 searches for “Paolo Nutini”, while his most popular song was ‘Last Request’ with 288 searches, followed by ‘These Streets’ with 105. The most common of many misspellings was Poalo Nutini with 633 searches.

Top Cheetah Girls Search Queries In August

Searches for The Cheetah Girls during the most of August on Yahoo’s
pay-pear search engine are in, with the Disney girl trio receiving
1,227,158 searches for “Cheetah Girls”. The most popular member of the
group is Sabrina Bryan, with 27,196 searches, followed closely by Adrienne
Bailon with 26,581 searches. Kiely Williams lagged behind with 11,891 searches.
Adrienne and Kiely’s other group, 3LW, received less than a quarter of
the search interest, and with the backing of deep pockets like Disney,
its easy to see why they’re willing to put the more mature sound on hold
to appeal to the younger demographic. The trio’s most searched song lyric was for ‘Strut’ with 6,058 queries. The most misspelled search for the month was Cheatah Girls with 12,317 queries.

Top Teddy Geiger July Search Queries

singer Teddy Geiger

Top searches for Teddy Geiger for the month of July are in at Yahoo’s
pay-per-search engine The singer/songwriter received 278,135
searches for ‘Teddy Geiger’, making him the most searched for Teddy (over
teddy bear or Teddy Roosevelt), and the most searched for Geiger (over Geiger
counter). His most searched for song was his debut ‘For You I Will (Confidence)’ with 5,731 queries, though few did a combined search for Teddy and his co-star in the single’s video, Kristin Cavalleri. The most searched misspelling was Teddy Gieger with 26,680 queries.

Top Vanessa Hudgens Search Queries

Searches for ‘High School Musical’ star Vanessa Hudgens are in for the month of July, with 97,846 searches for ‘Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ leading the way. Searches for the name she’s going by in support of her debut single ‘Come Back To Me’, “Vanessa Hudgens”, were 4,216. Other frequent searches were for ‘HSM’ co-star Zac Efron, and whether they are dating. The most frequent misspelling was ‘Vanessa Anne Hughes’. The singer’s solo debut ‘V’ is out September 26th.

Lycos’ Most Searched In 2005

Lycos is out with their list of the 100 most searched for terms in 2005. Topping the list was Paris Hilton, followed by Pamela Anderson, and Britney Spears. Other notables include Jennifer Lopez at #6, Lindsay Lohan at #17, Hilary Duff at #20, Jessica Simpson at #21, Christina Aguilera at #29, Mariah Carey at #30, Madonna at #45, and Avril Lavigne at #48. 2004’s #1, Janet Jackson, no longer aided much by her Super Bowl breast flash, slipped all the way to #55.

The complete list at has since been removed.

Top Gwen Stefani September Search Queries

Top searches for Gwen Stefani in the month of September on Yahoo’s pay-per-search engine are in, with the No Doubt singer receiving 760,750 searches for the month. Stefani’s most popular song for the month was ‘Cool’, followed by ‘Rich Girl’. ‘Gwen Stephani’ was the most misspelled search for the singer. Searches for Gwen trounced those for her Institute husband Gavin Rossdale, who only got 17,853 searches for the month. The top misspelling was Gwen Stephani with 35,350 searches, followed by Gwen Stafani with 13,839 searches.

Britney Spears Shocks By Topping Lycos 50

Britney Spears claimed the top spot on The Lycos 50 following a two-year dry spell. The last time Britney was top of the web was in September 2003 following her deep throat kiss with Madonna (#49)at the MTV Video Music Awards. Spears beat out Pamela Anderson at #2. Others making the top 50 include Paris Hilton at #4, Jessica Simpson at #9, Hilary Duff at #13, Mariah Carey at #14, Jennifer Lopez at #15, Lindsay Lohan at #23, and Shakira at #26.

The complete list at has since been removed.

Top Natasha Bedingfield Searches In May

Top searches on Yahoo!’s pay-per search engine for Natasha Bedingfield in the month of May are in, with the singer getting 33,488 searches for ‘Natasha Bedingfield’. The singer’s most searched for song is the title track ‘Unwritten’, followed closely by ‘These Words’ and ‘I Bruise Easily’. Brother Daniel was closely behind, getting about 30,000 searches for the month. The most popular misspelling was ‘Natasha Beddingfield’ with 4,174 searches, followed by Natasha Bedingfeild with 1,437 searches.