Nelly Furtado Debuts New Video On TRL Monday

Nelly Furtado came on to MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with host Carson Daly and debut her new video for ‘On The Radio’. Nelly talked about her win and how she had to react when she lost with the cameras on her. Nelly also says she can still hang out in the underground since her pop music is counter culture and it is inspired by hip hop. For a complete transcript that may be hard to read at some points (blame the computer generator, not me :) ), read on.

Alanis Morissette Visits Last Call With Carson Daly

Ok it kinda seemed like Carson was giving the same interview twice in one day, but at least on Last Call (as opposed to TRL) Alanis Morissette performed three songs, ‘Hands Clean’, ‘Your House’, and ‘So Unsexy’. Carson asked Alanis if she wanted to start her own record label like Madonna did on the Maverick label she’s on. Morissette said, “I don’t know about forming my own label. It’s something that I have an opportunity to do, I think, as anyone does, really. But haven’t had a desire to do so yet, and until I do, I won’t.” Check out a transcript to the interview here.

Alanis Morissette Is TRL’s ‘Mystery Guest’

Well how much of a mystery can it be when fans outside have 20 foot banners prepared outside and conveniently have the biggest fan selected to correctly guess she is the mystery guest? Anyways, Alanis was on today to talk about the new album ‘Under Rug Swept’ as it dropped today and she revealed plans for a tour beginning in the U.S. in May and June. Read on for a transcript.

Nick Carter Talks Plea Bargain, Solo Stuff & Backstreet

Nick Carter was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with Quddus. Nick talked about what he had to do after his plea bargain following the arrest in Tampa. Nick also talked reluctantly about his solo stuff as well as the status of the Backstreet Boys. Read on for a transcript of their telephone chat.

Michelle Branch Visits TRL Thursday

Michelle Branch was on with Carson Daly on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to talk about her concert Wednesday night where her label boss Madonna showed up. Branch also performed her hit ‘All You Wanted’ which was #4 on the TRL countdown. For a transcript of the brief chat, read on.

Britney Spears IS TRL On Friday

Those sick of hearing about Britney Spears this week hopefully didn’t watch Total Request Live, as the ENTIRE show was dedicated to the singer. The countdown was all Britney, the interviews were all Britney. You all most have to pity Incubus for showing up Friday to be completely overshadowed by the Britney love-fest. For a complete computer generated (ie. bunch of typos) transcript of the event, click here.

Britney Spears Meets Up With Kelly Clark

Access Hollywood paired up Olympic gold medal winner Kelly Clark with Britney Spears at the Planet Hollywood after-party for ‘Crossroads.’ Kelly had gushed about putting the medal next to her Britney Spears autographed picture and Britney got an autographed picture of Kelly for herself. Spears said she’d put it in her room too. Read a transcript of the clip that included *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake getting introduced by Spears here.

Enrique Iglesias Visits Rosie O’Donnell Today

Enrique Iglesias chatted with Rosie O’Donnell Wednesday on her TV show. Enrique talked about working with Anna Kournikova on ‘Escape’, how he lies about still being 25 years old, his chance to play Radio City Music Hall, his S.A.T. score of 600 (total!), tour plans, and he answered questions about himself along with the audience of rabid fans. Read a full transcript of his appearance here.

Mariah Carey, Pal & Dog Leave Voice Message

Mariah Carey left a new voice message for fans from her kitchen with friends Jack, Ginger, and Mary Ann. Mariah attempted to get her dog to say hello to the fans and laughed as the dog Jack barked into the phone. For a transcript, read on.

Janet Jackson Visits Rosie O’Donnell Tuesday

Janet Jackson stopped by to promote her HBO special with Rosie O’Donnell on Tuesday. The singer touched on whether she plans on touring anymore and Janet admitted, “Touring is really grueling, and you have to live out of your suitcase. It’s really a hard life and not cut out for everyone. I would love to figure out a way — I’m sure Roger, my manager, would figure it out for me, where I could maybe do it for a month and a half [a year].” Rosie insisted on Janet hanging out with her a number of times as well at her house, to play tennis, etc. For a full transcript, read on.