Cathy Dennis Wouldn’t Dare Wear Kylie Minogue’s Hotpants

The Mirror spoke with Cathy Dennis, who penned Kylie Minogue’s hit single ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. Cathy says she wouldn’t dare wear Kylie’s infamous hot pants. “I know all the dance moves, but I don’t look half as good in those hotpants,” she admitted. As for Kylie’s new take on her hit tune, ‘Can’t Get Monday Out Of My Head’, she commented, “I thought it was OK when I first heard it, but then I heard it again… and again… and again so I ended up completely bored with it.”

Checks In After Wembley Show

May 26, 2002 – checked in with fans after her first of four concerts at Wembley. Kylie said, “One down and three to go. We are rounding off the UK tour with the Wembley shows, the first of which was tonight. I had a fantastic time and as for the crowd, you were wonderful. Thank you all for being such enthusiastic and receptive audiences. You’ve made it a lot of fun for us. More fun is also staring to happen backstage with the crew during the show. As everyone settles in, the arts and crafts and costumes start to come out. I am delivered to you upon various hydraulic risers by some increasingly flamboyant characters! Love you all, Kylie.”

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