Celebrity Analysis: Christina Aguilera

Contributed Anonymously:

. Up and coming celebrity analysis Trista Wells has been observing Christina’s recent behavior with music producer and boyfriend Jordan Bratman.

In recent photos she’s noticed how Christina shies away from her beau and tends to “walk in front” and take attention to others more so than him.

Her interest seems to be highly attached STILL to other men/women. Most likely the club scene is still in her blood, but Jordan wants to tag along and make sure that if she’s going to club that he’s going too. (Trust?)

How long is this going to last?

Well Christina is still young she is going to have a lot on her platter soon and certain people can be only tied down so long and only so much.

Jordan seems like the laid back shallow stay at home, ‘I need my woman’, kind of guy. He doesn’t want the glitch and cameras in his face all the time.

For the most part; dating a rep from your management team is a mistake anyway and dating in Hollywood is yet another.

Two questions need to be asked..

One, Do I trust you?
Two, How can you go out with me and show no affection what so ever, but still try and maintain to keep this relationship personal?

Only time will tell…

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