Celeb’s Boyfriend Enjoys Male Bonding

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which celeb’s boyfriend isn’t the clean-cut bore he’s made out to be? At one of the couple’s parties in London, a guest opened the bathroom door to find the quiet chap enjoying some male bonding with a famous bloke in the music biz.”

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8 thoughts on “Celeb’s Boyfriend Enjoys Male Bonding

  1. nikechild19 says:

    No, Nick Carter’s not famous. I think its either Chris Martin (or whatever his name is, the guy from Coldplay) or Justin Timberlake because they’re both in London at the moment. A British newspaper, they’re about the only two clean-cut famous men in a couple in Britain.

  2. JLOVER101 says:


  3. popnicklover says:

    It’s Justin Timberlake! And Nick IS famous (why else would you know his name?!) but he’s not in London now so it can’t be him. Justin’s in London though so it’s gotta be him! Plus, everyone knows Justin is gay. How much more obvious can you get?

  4. Izzy says:

    I don’t think this blind item has anything to do with music. I think this item is about Jefferson Hack–Kate Moss’s “babysitter” boyfriend and father of her daughter, Lila Grace.

  5. nikechild19 says:

    He WAS famous, that’s why I know his name. Most people don’t know him

  6. JMAX says:

    It says “Which celeb’s boyfriend…bonding with a famous bloke…” So it sounds like the boyfriend is NOT famous, but his girlfriend, and the “bloke” ARE famous. My guess would be Xtina’s boyfriend (just because he’s not famous and seems boring) was “bonding” with Justin Timberlake (because I don’t like him :P).

    Unless there is no girlfriend. They never said the “celeb” was female.

  7. nikechild19 says:

    True, it could be George Michael or Will Young or someone.. does he have a boyfriend?

  8. Gimmeabreak says:

    Where’s John Mayer? I bet it was him and Justin…or maybe it was Justin and Chris Martin…or Justin and George Michael…or Justin and Lance…it was Justin and somebody.

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