Celine Dion Remembers John Lennon On ‘Larry King Live’

saluted John Lennon on the 30th anniversary of his death with a brief rendition of ‘Imagine’ during an appearance on ‘Larry King Live’, aired Wednesday (December 8). “What a legend. What a man,” Dion told Larry. “And it’s so unfortunate what happened. And it’s amazing because 30 years ago, like you said, he was killed. And it’s amazing because today Rene and I were talking together about him, and I was 12 years old when he was – when he was killed. But fortunately, through his amazing music and through my family, my brothers and sisters and my husband, I have learned his music and his words. And so I kind of grew a little later with him. But he’s part of my life. And we were talking a lot about him today. And it’s just like I remember that 40 – 40 years ago he wrote an amazing, amazing song called ‘Imagine’. And we’ve been singing that song today in the house. And it’s just so unfortunate, you know?” Watch it via CNN.com below.

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