Celine Dion Sends Lucky Coin To Clay And Ruben

The Las Vegas Sun reports ‘American Idol’ finalists Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard were presented with pendants by Celine Dion with a lucky coin, dipped into her new Celine Dion Parfums fragrance, as good-luck charms. Both young men reportedly wore the necklaces during their final rehearsals. The story goes that Dion found a “lucky” coin before her first singing competition and promptly stuck it in her shoe — and then won the competition. So now she has apparently taken to sending off good-luck coins to favored young performers.

Neil Sedaka Predicts Bright Future For Ruben And Clay

May 22, 2003 – Legendary singer/songwriter Neil Sedaka was on CNN Live Today with Carol Costello, where he talked about his ‘American Idol’ experience and his thoughts on Ruben Studdard beating out Clay Aiken in the final. “Well, I think Clay’s voice is an instrument of remarkable beauty,” Sedaka said. “Ruben is a great R&B singer with great licks, and I think both will have extraordinary careers.”

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