Celine Dion’s Father Dies

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports canceled her Wednesday and Thursday shows at Caesars Palace this week to attend the funeral of her father. Adhemar Dion, who worked two jobs to support a family of 16 on $165 a week, died Sunday at his Montreal home.

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12 thoughts on “Celine Dion’s Father Dies

  1. rangergirl says:

    Sorry to hear this. She seems like a nice lady regardless if you like her music or not.

  2. rachell says:

    Wow this is the greatest Christmas present of all!

  3. Jive says:

    You are so stupid. You’re the one who should die!

  4. Madfan says:

    We can hate all we want, but that’s just sick, rachell, VERY sick.

  5. clayfan says:

    When your parent dies, I hope you get rude comments instead of sympathy.
    Rachell, do you have parents, or did you crawl out from under a rock?
    You can dislike Celine, Rachell, but this is WAY OUT OF LINE for a hater.

  6. BroadmindedMusic says:

    Don’t worry, you guys, there’s a thing called KARMA.

  7. popnicklover says:

    Rachel is a sick freak! I feel so sorry for Celine and her family. My prayers go out to them!

  8. Cicero says:

    That’s terrible. Poke fun at artists and posters, but wishing death upon someone?

    I share your outrage, but really, don’t say that. Don’t degrade yourself.

    This isn’t about being a fan or not. Honestly, I like one or two of her songs, but I’m not a Celine fanatic. I feel *very* bad for her anyway, because we all can relate to the sorrow she must be going through. My friend’s dad passed away last month, and I wouldn’t wish something like this on my worst enemy. I hope all posters here have supportive families that are safe and healthy, and I wish only the best for Celine through these difficult times.

  9. clayfan says:

    I lost my mom two years ago right before Christmas, and it was just awful. Still is. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone. Thanks for stopping me, Cicero.

  10. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Sit there for a moment and really think about what you just said, Rachell. Sarcasm was not called for here. A woman’s father just died. Some day, your father will die too. Mine did, but way too early, which is why I am so sensitive to your rude comment. Hate, jokes and sarcasm have their time and place, but not here.

  11. hotstuff says:

    All my love and prayers to the Dion family. A family of 16 and 2 jobs, and after all that hard work look at what his daughters become. Anyone would have been proud to have a father like him. Shows how much will power and tenacity some1 can have.

  12. Tam says:

    so so so sympathy for the lost of your father. You are so beautiful lady and great singer I love your voices so much.

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