Chaka Khan On Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

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When asked during a recent radio interview what she thought of “this generation’s powerhouse divas such as and Whitney Houston, who have walked in the routes of [past divas],” singer Chaka Khan said, “They need to take care of themselves rather than turning their heads toward this person over here and that person over there whenever they get cussed in and out the door. And when I say take care of yourself, that means get in touch with the spirit; have a talk with God. You could go through bunch of therapy sessions but none of that will clean the dirty seeds in your soul, God will do [that] and when he does, you’ll get healed for good. Everybody makes bad judgments and I surely did a lot of them. The bottom line is you’ve just got to get out of that experience with a lesson.”

“Mariah is going through hell ’cause she compromised her art just to sell records when she already has potential enough to blow half of these young women who walk around with their chest all out thinking they outshine a church choir when they don’t have the power to blow a candle. Whitney will get out of this mess and inspire everybody with her story. People are saying she’s a self-destruct, she ain’t going nowhere. Everybody said the same damn crap about me when I was down and out. Both women will be okay. They may not groundbreak the record industry like they used to but who cares if you can deliever? I don’t sell that much but I got a solid fanbase and that’s what time is it.”

Source: Inside Whitney | MLIYL

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9 thoughts on “Chaka Khan On Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

  1. Madfan says:

    Yes!!!! Chaka hit the bulls eye!!! Lack of spirituality … that’s the root of all Mariah Carey’s troubles. Perhaps she should put God in her sorry life. But then again … even God can’t save her from herself … and the flops.

  2. rachel says:

    Okay Mariah shouldn’t be compared to Whitney, she used to be the crap and now she messed up her whole damn career by doing drugs. Mariah on the other hand is still on top of her game, her voice sounds great and she is still making beautiful music.

  3. PaulNick19 says:

    Obviously you people have no knowledge about Mariah or her music because if ya did, you would see her bible verses in album jackets, gospel songs on albums, and performances at cathedrals….shes got a relationship with the Lord. Chaka is a old dried up bitch that doesn’t sell crap anymore so she’s gotta talk about others.

  4. babet says:

    That was great spiritual advice. It would help out those artists mentally….but musically I think they’re doing fine.

  5. Kizzardkid says:

    What is Chaka Khan talking about? Has she not heard “My Saving Grace”? That song is about the lord getting Mariah through her toughest times, also “Hero” and “Can’t take that Away”, I don’t think Mariah needs advice from Chaka Khan cause she’s gone all this way without her help.

  6. MistySl says:

    You know this legend is right. Mariah wants to please everyone, like most mixed people. Instead of pleasing herself, her tour is predictable, her CD is lazy, and she wants to please all her obsessed lambs, screw them and do what you want to do. And Ms. Whitney, that crack-head, she thinks she’s gods gift to voice, Let me tell you one thing Ms. Whitney, your ova, you preach that you love god, and use his name, and backstage 5 minutes prior your putting powder up ya noise, girl you are gonna get it, He does not play. Here’s some advice to the both, Mariah, hide your boobs, we’re sick of seeing them, open your lazy mouth and sing, out sing them hoes, Whitney, go to rehab and stop using the lords name prior to stuffing your nose with dope.

  7. MariahsMan says:

    Any fan of Mariah’s knows that she is a very spiritual person. You don’t have to dress like a nun to prove your love to God. I’m so sick of people bashing Mariah for things that an adult is allowed to do. Maybe she doesn’t wanna cover her boobs…if you don’t like them, stop looking! We all know she can sing, and dressing sexy doesn’t mean she’s lost her voice. What female celeb doesn’t dress sexy?? She can make her own decisions…if you don’t like her decisions, there’s not much you can do about it.

  8. mikemc says:

    I definitely don’t think Mariah’s fan base is declining, “Glitter” barely sold 2 million worldwide, now “Charmbracelet” is up to about 5 million worldwide, a BIG jump from her last album. The only problem is the song’s that were released from her album. “Through the Rain” was a GREAT choice because it addressed the prior drama in her life and how she made it through that time. But then, “Boy” and “Bringin on the Heartbreak” were released, the two most unoriginal songs on the album. Those are the ONLY 2 songs on the entire album that I actually skip over, because they bore me. She had some HOT songs on this album like “You Got Me”, “The One”, “Yours”, and “Irresistible”, but they definitely chose the wrong songs to represent the album.

    I was shocked when I read what Chaka said about Mariah, anyone who follows her music knows she is an EXTREMELY spiritual person, she been singing gospel melodies since the beginning, she’s had bible verses in her album jackets for YEARS, even her “Charmbracelet” album focuses a LOT on spirituality. “My Saving Grace” is a straight up gospel song, “Through the Rain” Remix is a gospel sounding record with her, Kelly Price, and Joe killing it like they are in church! And even her song “Yours” make’s references to God. I think Chaka needs to know the facts before she addresses Mariah. As for Whitney, I can’t even speak on her because she is just ruining her life and her career.

  9. Kizzardkid says:

    You’re right but I think the way she sings it fits the whole theme of the song, kinda like she’s afraid in the beginning and than she has enough faith just to belt it out, know what I mean?

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