Chantal Kreviazuk Aims To Build/Run Darfur Youth Center

Chantal Kreviazuk blur

is asking fans for help in raising money for Darfur as the Canadian pop singer prepares to busk in support of War Child. Chantal writes:

I will be out on the streets Busking For Change again this year. I’m asking you to help me in my personal initiative to raise enough money to build and run a youth center in Darfur, Sudan.

That is about $30K.

It is a lot in this economic climate, I know, but I also have faith!

The situation in Darfur is desperate, especially for young people. Forced from their homes, unable to go to school and in physical danger most of the time. It is intolerable.

War Child’s youth centres offer a respite from the difficulties of life in the Displaced camps. Kids can learn, they can play and they can get the skills the need to avoid exploitative work. The Centres are a place of normalcy in a situation that is anything but normal. A place of hope amidst the horror.

Darfur is a problem that won’t go away but it’s often difficult to know how to help. Well, this is how.

It is a lot in this economic climate, I know, but I also have faith!

Check out details on how to sponsor Chantal at

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