Charles Barkley Blasts Country-Themed NBA Half-Time Show

TNT’s NBA analyst Charles Barkley blasted the half-time show for tonight’s All-Star game. Barkley suggested in an on-air rant that after watching Paul McCartney perform at the Super Bowl and LeAnn Rimes and Big & Rich just perform at the All-Star game that America needs to get over Janet Jackson’s breast. Barkley said whoever put together the halftime show should be fired and that this was a weekend for hip-hop. Sir Charles said if people wanted country music, they should be watching NASCAR.

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3 thoughts on “Charles Barkley Blasts Country-Themed NBA Half-Time Show

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    Haha I love Barkley since his Sixers days…Regardless, he is right here. The half time show was country filled crap.

  2. popfan_23 says:

    It’s about time someone stood up and said something’, ‘This whole sheltered safe thing that’s going on at all the half time shows is a damn shame, America is getting way too conservative and ridiculous, we, the public, are being subjected to this music that doesn’t even fit the event. America needs to get over it, it is not 1950 any damn more, these shouldn’t be sheltered times

  3. Kid Hum says:

    That was so classic! I remember that! SIR CHARLES! Thanks for jouranlizing this.

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