Charlie Sheen Tells Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Sucks

Lindsay Lohan and guitar

Charlie Sheen spoke with E! on the red carpet of the ‘Scary Movie 5’ premiere the other night, where his late arriving (as usual) co-star was the topic of conversation. The troubled starlet is preparing for her court-mandated rehab stint, which she has to begin by May 2nd.

Asked about what he thought about her latest visit to a facility that will try to help Lohan’s addictions, Sheen, who has had plenty of experience himself with the experience, told Ken Baker, “It’s not my journey, you know. I don’t believe in rehab. I believe in detox, not rehab. But she’ll be all right.”

Offering advice for LiLo during her stay, Sheen suggested, “Bring a book, ’cause those places suck.”

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