Charlie Simpson Encounters Trouble With Busted Fans

Fans of took out their frustrations on Charlie Simpson at a recent gig with his new group Fightstar. One witness told the Daily Star: “Shouting over the music wasn’t getting anywhere, and suddenly, Charlie was hit with something during the set. He looked hurt and shocked but he carried on playing.” A spokesman for Simpson said afterwards: “A boy threw a Mr. Man toy covered in red paint during the gig. He went up to Charlie and apologized afterwards.”

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2 thoughts on “Charlie Simpson Encounters Trouble With Busted Fans

  1. Shauna Simpson says:

    I frikken love charlie
    I love him
    I miss him
    I want him
    I cherish him
    I would buck him
    I would suck him
    I would kiss him
    he is sexy
    he is rich

  2. Chaz13 says:

    AWW poor Charlie bless him I’d so feel embarrassed if I was him and reading that IMMATURE, THINGY COMMENT SERIOUSLY WOULDN’T LIKE YOU HE’S TOO MATURE FOR SILLY COMMENTS LIKE THAT GET A BLOODY LIFE love you Charlie <333 <333

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