Charlotte Church Flees To Police Station Over Stalker Scare

WENN reports that a terrified fled to a police station in Cardiff on Wednesday (June 21) after being followed by stalkers in a silver car. The singer, who only recently passed her driving test, led her pursuers directly to the city’s Canton Street Police station – for the third time in one day, after finding herself followed by the same vehicle. After diving inside the station, officers made sure the stalkers had gone before letting a stressed and flustered Church return to her car, under the watchful eye of the station inspector. Cops even let her sneak away the wrong way down a one-way street, so she could escape safely. The police later revealed Church had made two earlier visits to complain about the stalkers. The incident comes just months after the singer’s boyfriend Gavin Henson scared a stalker from outside the couple’s Cardiff home. The middle-aged loner had spent days camped outside the pad.

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