Charlotte Church: I’m Not Posh, I Can Sing

has scoffed at claims she is the new Posh Spice – saying: “I can sing!” The 19 year old added, “I’m sorry to get the claws out – but she knows it.” As for Victoria Beckham’s soccer star hubby David, Church says her man Gavin Henson is tops too. “Gavin’s much better looking than David Beckham,” Church told Q magazine. “The comparison is just bollocks.”

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6 thoughts on “Charlotte Church: I’m Not Posh, I Can Sing

  1. OriginalNicknameHere says:

    Not sure exactly who this chick is…but she’s starting to just annoy me. She seems like she thinks she the greatest and no one can top her. But who the heck is she??

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    a manufactured opera singer that wants to go into pop

    Well the people will be the judge of that, so far she’s giving this impression that she can be an annoying and conceited person as well.

  3. Not_That_Kinda_Girl says:

    She’s right. Posh isn’t a great singer.

  4. CharlotteNCusa says:

    My dearest Charlotte, You are young and talented, however that does NOT give you the right to slam others. Everyone in their own right has talent, therefore you are NOT that successful that you can just slam other artist. Posh does NOT try to act like she is the best, however you are. Shame. Please grow up. Thanks, Me

  5. St_Anger says:

    She just gave a plain fact without putting spite into mix..other people hear spite where their is none. Spite would sound like someone saying “Please grow up” or something like that.

  6. ursula says:

    shes an OPERA singer, that was discovered at the age of like…14. posh is nothing compared to her, and i’d be insulted too i were Charlotte. But she probably could have said something nicer, since I’m sure she has nothing against posh. but, personally, id say the same thing…….but add “nothing against posh, but…” to it.

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