Charlotte Church: Those Breasts Aren’t Mine!

Craig McLean of the Sunday Herald caught up with Charlotte Church, who talked about an image that was spread around the web of what was being billed as her breasts after boyfriend Gavin Henson’s mobile phone was apparently stolen. “It’s absolutely bollocks,” Church said of the photo. “If you see the photo it’s some 40-year-old with nasty, massive, saggy tits with huge nipples! They’re not mine! Obviously a 19-year-old’s don’t look like that.” Asked if the speculation surrounding the photo got to her, the Welsh songstress said, “It got to me the fact that they were so horrible and people might think they were actually mine, hah hah hah!”

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One thought on “Charlotte Church: Those Breasts Aren’t Mine!

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    She’s acting as if the whole freakin’ world actually cares. It’s not that serious, people care less about her boobs.

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