Charlotte Martin Focusing On ‘Orphans’ EP

Charlotte Martin 'Stromata'

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@charlottemartin) on Friday ( 12). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Where to start. It’s been a busy summer! Being mommy and working…I have to admit it’s been difficult to juggle. I think the first several weeks I was back in the studio I wasted because I couldn’t tear myself away from Ronen.

Ronen is almost 4 months old and HUGE. 16 pounds already! Who knew breastmilk was so potent!? But he is just a magical little boy. Very serious actually. He is quite an observer and very smart. He is also very sensitive already. I wonder who he gets that from (grin)?

In the few days a week I’ve been back to work I’ve managed to do a bit of co-writing…again with Xolie Morra and for other artists.

But my main focus has been on a project called ‘ORPHANS’. It’s a compilation EP of lost master recordings that never made it on official albums. These are not rarities and not really b-sides because at one time, all these songs were considered for a major release. I have nowhere to put them. Actually, two of them were supposed to be on a record I was planning on doing with Tommy Walter but we never got around to finishing it. Especially since he’s Ronen’s Godfather. Instead of working on records, we just hang with the Roj on the floor and make very odd sounds like “blee blah blah schnuga feeggie noo noo”. :) There will be a few songs you know and a few you’ve never heard.

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