Charlotte Sometimes Wants To Give Her 15-Year-Old Self A Hug

Charlotte Sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes (Jessica Charlotte Poland) checked in with her Twitter followers (@4eversometimes) last night, discussing some of her early material on the ‘Live at Coffee Blue’ album, a time which she was battling an eating disorder as a teen. The 23-year-old writes:

Hey who has my old Coffee record? I don’t have it anymore…

listening to a song that @fu**yearcharlottesometimes tumblr posted of me when I was 15… so weird to hear me so young

Had only played for like 6 months I believe at the time and it was one of my first shows… man I was a dark bitch even then

I wrote “Flowers” when I found out I had my jaw disease and was still dealing with my eating disorder.

I want to give my 15 year old self a hug and tell her it gets better

You can check it out [link has since been removed]. Thanks for posting! p.s. I sound 15 and didn’t have much control sorry

@alisha_riot I was anorexic … I was 5’7 and 89 pounds… not okay. I hope that anyone dealing with this issue get the help they need xo

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